Rebecca Couch a message from The Council of Light

channeled by Rebecca Couch (posted 4 April, 2011)

It is easier than you think – threading the eye of a needle, that is. It requires single focus and discipline to keep from the greater distractions, but you know it is possible. Now is that . You already know what your distractions are – minimize them. You already know what your weaknesses are, diminish them. You already know where your is calling you – go there. You already know what your greatest desire is – manifest it. And you also know that most of this is not in the material plane, which is the silliest of all distractions. Your game is in the ethers. Work your magic there.

Really, it is true that you know so much already – stop needing to acquire more knowledge and act. It is the time to ensure that your focus is so unfettered that you know you will be successful to create such deep peace and resolve in your heart that there is no question you are contributing to the peace of the world. You know that your compassion and deep, loving, neutral perspective is that of the Divine. You know that you are a vehicle of Divine expression in this world and there is nothing that is outside of this and it is all within your command by Divine rules. You know that you are not alone and it is for you to call upon your community to rise up for the greater good. You know that all that you are is contagious; it is for you to choose what propagates. Your mind serves your heart, and the eye of the needle is calling your heart, so ensure that your mind complies. You know that it is the waste of valuable command to preoccupy yourself with minutia of human worries of the past or future and that that your power lies in the fullness of your presence in the now moment, for there is no other. Where else would the eye exist?!

So anything else that is other than this, you must heal and bring to peace in your life. Reduce the rough edges and come to peace with what is. Surrender. Allow. Trust. Know how powerful you are. Know that you are a Child of who holds the power of creation in your heart. All of these words will sound like mere platitudes to your mind until you take them into your heart. There is only one doorway.

And so now you are radiating the peace that passeth understanding, now what?! Hold that beyond all external stimuli that may tell you otherwise. Hold your and all her inhabitants and all her kingdoms in the palm of your hand. As preciously as you would hold a fledgling, carry it close to your heart now as she gives birth to a new way. Contractions are just that, breathe through them with her and don’t push before it is time. Stay singularly focused on the ideals of , for what is happening is a Greater than your human mind can know. So stay in touch with your Divine Mind, the one that exists in the silence. Practice so much your to live from this Mind that you can access it in the middle of chaos. The eye of the storm. You have been in training for this for eons, now is the time to put it into service. Expect victory by your to succeed. Remember, you work for the Big Guy, the Great One – of course success is assured, but only by your steadfast commitment. Remember, you are a spark of the Divine returning to Itself, so your participation is essential.

Use the moment of this new moon in Aries, as the entrance point. Recommit to your purpose in midwifing this birth, and by the Wesak full moon on May 17th, you will be anointed and recharged in your purpose. Time is collapsing ever more and there is no lag between your intention and manifestation. Your wizardry powers are in full force, so use them well. Yes, you!

Trust that there is no death, just transition, and really, everything in is transition in some way! Think of it as death being a trick to fool you, in fact it is the greatest one of the human experience, for it overshadows and holds you back and tricks you into thinking that this is all there is. Such silliness, for now you are coming to know there is so, so much more. Remember the movie “Fearless” or how Crocodile Dundee effortlessly (and innocently!) commanded his foes, or that Dorothy had the power all along to return home? You are Harry Potter and Peter Pan and Matilda and and Wonder Woman all wrapped into one! This is not for your egoic mind, but truth for your heart.

But there is one very important rule for you to remember, and that is non interference with free will. Remember that your unknown is the Divine Known. So keep your mind aligned with the highest perspective, trusting that all is perfection and all is in Divine countenance. Non-judgement, non-attachment and non-resistance apply. Intend that your efforts are completely aligned with the Divine, and that you are reminded when you may falter into a lower perspective. If you are attuned to this, then a gentle poke is all that will be required. Surely you are tired of the two by four requirement?! This will not be necessary when your intentions are true.

What you will find ironic is how much you will just be required to hold the space of compassion and allow. All of the doing and fixing and interfering and manipulating and and and…is most often not aligned with Divine Will. You will be delighted because your new job description simply requires pure intent and way much less effort and there are infinitely greater rewards, for all that you have become will be yours. Peace. Love. Grace. Gratitude. Abundance. Bliss. Who would have known that the skills are same as the reward in these new roles?!

And so, it is easier than you think. Just simplify and focus. And so we come to another of the great illusions: all your life you were told that God was outside you and now you know that you are God.

Be still and know that you are God. If it isn’t an attribute of God, it isn’t yours.  Now, for the contagion to continue…

RebeccaThe is You!