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There is a song that is sang and it says: He's got the whole world in his hand…..there may be valid truth in this. As you take your hands and place it in the air next to another persons without touching theirs, (palm to palm) an energy vortex is created.  This moves the blood and circulates the energy to the tips of your fingers. One may feel tingling or a pulsing or heat as you do this. It is so powerful that anyone can use it to heal. Looking into the eyes of the person you are with and affirming that they are loved will reassure them and speed the process of benefits. Intentions are stated silently then verbally as you ask permission to touch their shoulders or neck area etc….practice giving energy and also receiving it. This is the state of bliss and you won't want to leave the space you are in.  Time drifts like the ocean waves and you won't know that it is later than you think..   This is the art of playfulness.  When you know that you can offer assistance in healing you are not helpless but rendered the power of source. This is a token from God and can be focused on for long distance healing also.  The more you play with this flowing fountain of source the more you will spread divine love to others and naturally it will return to you in kind.  With sincere efforts you will begin to change the current of negativity to one that is balanced and whole. All seek equalibrium so send light to Gaia and she will do her part to keep you steady and on the path to well being.      

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