31 August 2011

Channeler: Míria Gonzalez

In the space of your heart, universes are born, and from this birth, are shared many secrets of realities greater than your own , and in your own , you find through the palaces of your yearning. Do not seek, be, do not strive, create, do not yearn, YOU ARE. And from the Stars on high, and throughout space and time, that which is no longer in existence, time is gone, and with it, you are reborn, anew, in the light of an eternal , and that is the knowledge and awareness of Self.

For in the darkness, you are the light, and in the emptiness, you are the joy, and in the catastrophe, you are a beaken, of light to behold, for all the generations. The world says, CATASTROPHE, I say: Enlightenment. The world says, DEATH. I say, ETERNITY. The World says, SUFFERING. I say, HEALING. The world says, CRYING, I say, a RIVER OF JOY.

And unto the hearts of men and women, and all the children who were birthed thereof, and unto the great temples of the universe, and until the planetary bodies in motion, and unto the keepers of wisdom, and unto the light of a thousand lights reborn, it is time to arise, but shall you arise? Shall you take up your mantle? Shall you take up your Truth? Shall you speak it in the marketplace? Shall you raise it to the roof? This I ask of you: Are you ready? Can you become? Are you willing? Shall you be it?

For in the shadows of the internet, you have been, and in the darkness of anonymity, you have fought? But who amongst you will step out into the street, and hold up a sign, and raise your voice at the top of your lungs, "I AM ! AND I YOU ALL!"

Who amongst you has such ? Who amongst you is without self? Who amongst you would give up all that you own, for one day, to speak truly, to all the children one earth?

For this is what I ask you, and this is what you seek, and if you play games at enlightenment, let there be games no more, and if you play at being gods, play at being gods no more, and if you play at being masters, be masters no more, for it is time, the TIME, NO TIME, that you imagine, that you envision, a powerful, more dynamic expression of being.

The world is collapsing, the people are crying, your brothers and sisters are dieing, if not now, when? If not you, who? I ask you this: Of what convictions do you have? To speak words that hold no actions, to hide in your own comfort, while the world crumbles around you? Can you be as the Master Jesus was, Can you be as Krisha was, Gandi, Martin Luther , ? Do you have such power, or are you playing at power? Do you have such fearlessness, or are you playing at fearlessness? Are you willing to give it all up, or is there still something you hold onto?

I AM THE . I speak Truth, for that is what I do. I give missions, for that is who I am. I do not sugarcoat, I do not gloss over, I do not speak timidly, nor do I placate, for if you Truly are who you say you are, THEN YOU MUST BE! And if you care as much as you say you do, then you must ACT! And if you love as much as you say you Love, then no caring and loving person could sit still in a state of being like this, no being of courage and compassion, could be silent in the midst of such violence and hate!

For no more illusions shall be given to you, no more wool shall be pulled over your eyes, you have been children, and you have acted like children, and you have destroyed your world, and you have killed your hearts, but you can change that. You have the power to change that, and I am WITH YOU! Now, and at all times, I will fight along side you, with a blazing sword, and a pureness of Spirit, to bring Love and Joy, to all who exist, for those who sit on the in comfort, DO NOT CALL ME! For those who sleep in the midst of awareness, DO NOT CALL ME! For those who speak of Truth, but refuse to act upon it, DO NOT CALL ME! For I am the unmoved mover, for I am the voice that resounds through all the aethers of the worlds, and I AM CHANGE.

NOT DESTRUCTION. NOT DEATH. NOT FEAR. COURAGE. STRENGTH. COMPASSION. TRUTH. Dare you? Know you? Shall you be silent until eternity?

We shall see, I DARE YOU.

Metatron, Archangel of the 10th Sphere.