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Your subconscious has become conscious. That which was a vexation is dissolving. In principle, the goal is to bring heaven to earth and all of us in fearless faith are co-creating that ideal. Love is flooding Gaia and her inhabitants. Do your own ears not hear the tidings of great joy? God is the unfailing supply, both the giver and gift. Reach for those things that are before you and regret not the past. Every kindness done today neutralizes the remorse years ago. All of unhappiness comes from the violation of universal law, which is the art of loving.

Remind yourself that each person is divine and salute them, even those who have forgotten their divinity and strayed from the light. Many have with held their affections and select circumstances dictate and riot upon jealousy. Perfect love is not bondage, it is free to fly where its heart desires, it is not therefore stationary. Send real love and you will get the equivalent. No one is lost or comes from lack. Trust that supply and demand are inexhaustible, you will then understand the meaning of over coming the world as Jesus did. I speak not of a religion but of a person who revealed itself to me when I was near to death. He lives in continuation of life just as you will. The creative insights are stirring within, play the game with verve. If you were told that sickness is an absolute unreality how would you respond now? Modern medicine throws the body out of its balance. Would you be able to become "the eternal youth?" The possibilities already exist, locate them. As your perceptions grow so does the student, and the teacher is knowledge that is re-searched. Ancient man was highly sought because he carried the soul and history of the source and the clay of the beloved earth. Delight in a world that is pleasing with joyful reflection, and it is so, all is well.

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