Maryham, Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus
December-23-2016, Channeled by Natalie Glasson
Sacred School of Omna

All I knew was that the song spoke of the eternal and connection that all can with the Creator.
The tone, rhythm, and speed of my voice changed as a new song echoed in my ears. A language we all describing the dance of the divine feminine and divine masculine, as they intertwine and merge together. The sacred being through me spoke of the of the divine feminine and divine masculine on the inner planes and how this existed in unison and harmony within each of us. An energy and aspect of each being upon the Earth that to be honoured, nurtured and embodied. While the song did not speak of the physical union between the divine masculine and divine feminine upon the Earth, instead the unison of two aspects of the Creator, intention, and embodiment, present within every being. It did speak of an energy of being from the synthesis of the Creator’s intention and embodiment or nurturing energies, which we label the divine masculine and divine feminine. The song began to focus upon the born from the Creator’s intention and nurturing energies. As the last words left my lips in almost a whisper, an image of a beautiful baby girl was left in the minds of all. With this vision pulsating in the third of our community, we all experienced a deep-seated familiarity and connection to this soul, as if she was already a of our being, community and family. We recognised the energy she held, it was that of Mary Magdalene, and Jesus synthesised with their beauty emanating, and yet there was an innocence likened to that of the Christ Consciousness, our original consciousness gifted to humanity before my current existence. The essence of this soul seemed to dance with joy and happiness in our inner and outer silence.