Saul, December 23, 2016
by John Smallman

You are all beloved children of God, so come together as family in this holy Christmas Season.

Nevertheless, you have an abundance of help available to you from those in the spiritual who are watching over and supporting you in every moment. They respond instantly when you call on them, but because of the denseness of your it is very difficult for you to hear them or even be aware of them. As we in the spiritual realms have so often told you, it is absolutely essential for your own well-being that you go within at least once daily to connect with Source. If you do not you tend to get drawn more deeply into the illusion where, instead of engaging with your sisters and as the way-showers and Light bearers that you are, you with them in their lack of awareness of their true nature and become as seemingly separated from Source as those you have come to help, maybe even succumbing to some of the physical or psychological illnesses that are now so prevalent throughout humanity.

Remind yourselves daily that what you are experiencing as a human is, for the most , unreal. Deep within you do know this, but that depth can only be accessed if you go within daily to your holy shrine where Love blazes forth brightly whenever you open your hearts and allow It to flow through you and out to all of humanity. What you came to offer is sorely needed, and only you can provide it. With your assistance, which is the energy frequency that you extend from your hearts out into , those with whom you interact feel uplifted and inspired, and start to move towards their own natural of wakeful joy due to just being alive.