Thank you to the creator of this most .
Unconditional love the Master Key to your Ascension!

This past week has seen us releasing and clearing the ‘Mother Lode’ again Hearts! But know that all is well! Some of you have been experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms as the dissonant energies are released and cleared through your physical vessels.

Know that your Higher Self and Presence is always in control and knows exactly how much your physical vessel can withstand at any given moment. You are not alone, not for moment! Therefore Trust this fact (with a capital T) and do not let yourselves become drawn into fear and doubt as this only serves to strengthen any you may still be holding within your .

Unconditional love holds the Master Key to your Ascension.

Therefore the Key to fear is unconditional love, Dear . When you your consciousness has shifted into the lower octaves of the 3rd and lower 4th Dimensions, remember to express unconditional love towards and your consciousness and vibration will instantly rise.