God loves you and has given you everything.
January 10, 2017 by John Smallman


God loves you and has given you everything. You are without lack of any kind because you are complete, One, God, because God created you within Himself – there is nowhere else. Everything He has you have, so your hearts to the Love enveloping you and awaken into the awareness of who you truly are.

Your joy is God’ joy, so allow yourselves to be joyful, intend to be joyful, focus on what is in your lives, and then joy will fill you. There is not one among you, even in the most straitened and painful of personal circumstances, who does not have about which to be joy-filled. Focus your attention on what you do have and out of the depths of pain and suffering which you have chosen to . Pain and suffering are absolutely and completely unnecessary! Yes, of course you can see millions suffering and in pain, but that state was not imposed upon them, they have chosen it. Do not ask why, that is not your , just them love, because when you do you are at your most , and their suffering is diminished by your intent. As I told you above you are powerful , and that has always been the case.