Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional Beings,
January 24, 2017, Day 6

Hello Dear friends. We are the 11 Dimensional beings and the Council of 9, unit . We can stop the sequences today for a little while so you can penetrate the Stargate of 1.378933.03 Remote viewing was done yesterday in the Stargate systems with out permission. Let us warn you . We know who you are. And we will not be able and we will not allow you to penetrate the Stargate any . Know that just the act of your doing the remote view with out permission the of your understanding. And that you are not ready for the real sequence.
. Do not try to remote view into the Higher Galactic Stargate system, unit one, again. If you try to remote view again we promise you that you will be trapped and not be able to get out until you learn the truth about love and consciousness itself.
Do not try to stop humanity from the process.
To all Humans. Know that we protect you and love you with no end. We are You.
So now on day six we tell you that we give you the of the sequence, 1.378933.03, Stargate unit one Galactic Family connection. It is done. Welcome. Now .
We are the 11 Dimensional beings and the Council of 9 Stargate unit 1.
End of transmission. Day 6