Marina Jacobi, 11 Dimensional Beings, Stargates
January 23, 2017

Dear family we are the 11 dimensional beings and the council of 9 as one unit.
Day 4 was for rest, so all of the energy can be settled and synchronize in your structures. We cannot express our joy when we see your thoughts through the holograms. You are all beautiful. your essence to enjoy the structures. Let the structures penetrate in your body physically within you. Today, Day 5 is a . But this is a steady energy. Today all of the new energies will be prepped to in your body. Preparing download . Massive download . Feel it.
From this download you will know which you are connected with. It will be imprinted in your memory energetic field. Remembrance is now. Now have an image of your . Do You see us? Well we are here. In to See us in your image we already made the connection. But today will be more clear to you because of the new massive frequency that we will be implementing in your consciousness energetic body. We are restructuring your silica. Did we say you were more silica energy now?
The body is diamond Energetic structure. We can see it. This way you can transmute and withhold the new structures easily. Transmutation is reconstructive modules, sequences vertically and horizontally Fibonacci sequences. The Pleiades are interjecting this sequence now. If you hear this transition from us now, it means that you are at the right and it was made to be for you. There is no coincidences. Know that you are intergalactic. Now we are opening the portals Where your energy can move easily through the new timeline reality stargates. Yes Stargate’s. Do you know that in every system in the galaxy there is a Stargate? You cannot go through that system if your body vessel is not resonating on the same frequency as the Stargate.
This is knowledge. This is why some of you will not complete if their thoughts and deeds continue to be negative. It will not match energetically the Stargate resonance for your intergalactic family. So be good all the time. We are here assisting you and encouraging you every day. Day five. Steady. Steady. Steady now. Hologram sequence 1.378933.03 is now ready. Implementation . Stargate unit one. New opening now. Be ready. Starting the download now. We Are ready for you. Complete. You are complete . End of transmission day five. Stargate