Master Jesus, Context of Christ’s Coming, Healing & Transfiguration,
January 2, 2016 by Christine Preston

The had been colonised by a branch of Galactic beings, who had evolved over millions of years, and who therefore had a spiritual connection with the Galactic who are assisting with Ascension. Their first Sirian colony, as I mentioned before, was devastated by attacks from the Reptilians of Orion but of the Solar System was recovered and a new peace permitted civilization to flourish once again, but only for a few hundred thousands years, and it was called Lemuria.
It was this civilization that left evidence of a global culture. There were pockets of this surviving culture here and there on Earth even after the time the Atlanteans had carried out their wars of conquest. The survivors of the Lemurian civilization had a connection with those individuals who created the Agarthan . The culture of Lemuria was spiritual and beautiful, and it was in comparatively more recent times that a decline set in after the Atlanteans attempted to gain supremacy over the whole world.
Initiators were sent to the Atlanteans and a program of Ascension was set up with Mystery schools about which there are some recollections under symbolic images in many scriptures and traditions. However, there was corruption in Atlantean society to the presence of certain that had been permitted to on Earth after Maldek had been destroyed. After the last island of Atlantis was submerged, pockets of the Lemurian culture continued as well as some pockets of negative Atlantean in parts of where they had hegemony. The Annue-knocky now played a role of control, both in the occult and physical levels after that time of cataclysmic events, which marked the end of the Atlantean civilization.