Message form Council of Radiant Light
Published on January 17, 2017 by Ailia Mira

There is not some better way, or some assignment you need to fulfill. There is simply you here, having an incredible experience in an incredible body, in an wide-open, rich, diverse of focus. There’s just another opportunity each day, to what you want, and what you like, and what feels good to you, and how in all that you want to live , and what calls to you , what do you prefer . You could just consider, “What do I want to do with my day? How can I make my day the most for me? What gives me pleasure? What’s calling to me? What do I want more of? How do I feel?” This is really your work, if you want an assignment, to pay attention to yourself, and to use your inner knowing and your to orient, and to tune to yourself, and to discover the of for you in this of focus.

We want to reassure you, of that inner knowing within you, and also point out the subtlety of how this really works. All you think is important, all you’ve been told you need to make your focus, things like up the world, sharing your gifts, discovering abundance, having a vibrant and healthy body, having beautiful relationships and connections, having awe-inspiring experiences, and transcendent moments of grace and , all of that is natural and comes from this tuning to you and paying attention to you and your path of joy. It all comes from those things. It’s a byproduct of that – your sovereign alignment.

Living in alignment and claiming your sovereignty, you naturally experience those things and contribute abundantly. In sovereign alignment, you free yourself up to follow your spirit, to express yourself authentically in the present moment, informed in clarity and in knowing. In that state of orientation, all of life opens to you.

The expansive, wise soul within you, who knows all you like, and what you want, and has embraced everything you’ve chosen and become guides you through your inner knowing and the inspiration you feel, along the most graceful path to ever-expanding fulfillment. The feelings that are manifested help you to steer. You can steer right around obstacles and limiting ideas about your life, if you follow your spirit. There’s no need to first clear all that, just follow your inner knowing and you can bypass all that you might think needs to be cleared. Isn’t that a relief?

All of that can lead you into the experiences of that which you prefer and want to know as your life.

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