13 Cauac, 2 Yax, 13 Caban.

Dratzo! We come on this day to continue our narrative. Everything steadily moving forward. The opposition to this distribution has been thoroughly . Over the coming months we expect to complete the topside of this very complex procedure. The Republic is finally ready for full disclosure. It has taken a long , since its formal is still somewhat controversial. We expect the rest of the entire package to be carted out very soon. This de facto regime has been in power for so long that its supposed legitimacy has seemed beyond reproach. Our mission is therefore tied to explaining to all concerned just how this new governance is to be formally proclaimed. This procedure is nearly ready for disclosure and needs to be explained before this de facto and illegal regime is fully settled in. It is that this series of disclosures be fully detailed to the American public. In this regard, we are pledged to change this governance is fully announced and installed. If done without careful planning, it could some initial major damage. Therefore, a proper sequencing needs to be employed.