The Arcturian Group, January 1, 2016
by Marilyne Raffaele

On earth there is always the temptation to fear, fear for Gaia and fear for self. An inordinate fear of some person, place, or thing bestows on it power that in, and of itself, it does not have, energy to and keeping alive the illusion. This may be for some to accept and if it is so for you, take it into a contemplative meditation and with it, asking for understanding.
In this new year you see many begin to empower themselves, becoming more physically, , and spiritually strong. Outrageous proclamations, rules, and actions serve to push even the most timid into action, allowing them to reclaim their power. Thus much of what you imagine and fear not take place, because you as people, not allow it.
The energy of the old no longer suits an awakening majority. The consciousness of the people is the government, but the majority have not realized this and instead have looked to self, promoting others to make for them.
One by one, are awakening and re-claiming the power they ignorantly gave to those happy to claim it for themselves. For most, the seceding of personal power began in other lifetimes and has been carried into this one through memory. Much world chaos at this is indeed the expression of awakening personal power, but it is being interpreted through the three dimensional belief system.
We see in this new year a majority courageously standing up for earth, her people, and her creatures, pushed to take a stand by the actions of those who wish to move the evolutionary clock backwards through force in an effort to keep the status quo.