The and of Creation
by Goddess GraceThe Purpose and Service of Creation by Goddess Grace
Channelled through Natalie Glasson, January 13, 2017
Source: Sacred School of OmNa

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There are numerous roles, actions and experiences available for you to accept, to experience and embody. volumes of energy, light frequency and consciousness flows forth from always. If you wish to be of service, if you wish to accept a role in the of the which allows you to be of service to all, then there is simply a need for you to be in tune and harmony with your soul, requesting to receive the energy and understanding that will support and inspire you to be of service. The of the Creator is in constant , continuously altering, shifting and expanding. There is always a role available to be received and experienced. It is not that this role is the purpose of your life upon the Earth, in truth, there are so many parts, roles and responsibilities for you to embody which will allow you to be of service and fulfilled. Some roles will remain with you for many years as you embody, experience and express them fully, while others will come and go even before you have contemplated what has occurred. The of the Creator is a space of divine to experience, embody and express the Creator. Some people label this their purpose, it is important to remember that the divine flow and a sense of fluidity is present in all aspects of the Creator, therefore your purpose/role upon the Earth and the inner planes is constantly changing and shifting, it is never rigid and constant, it is always developing and evolving. Numerous roles /purposes are constantly available for you to accept and receive when you are existing in harmony with your soul with an open heart and mind ready to receive.