About Your Enlightenment
2 days ago

by Archangel MetatronThe Truth About Your Enlightenment by Archangel Metatron
February 10, 2017

Source: Sacred School of OmNa

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It often when humanity perceives enlightenment they focus upon , glamour and the pinnacle experience. They have within their minds an idea of what they will feel like and be able to do when they have experienced enlightenment. Mostly this is connected to because they believe that it will be a drastic shift which could change their being and reality completely. They may also hold onto glamour as they will perceive that they and everyone around them will notice a difference, maybe converse with them differently or that people would know them as enlightened. We could say this is equivalent to celebrity status in the spiritual circles upon the Earth. They may also be a vision of what it is going to be like for them when they become enlightened; therefore they are constantly in a state of searching that they are not enlightened now. However, they will be in the future or . Essentially, they are not existing in the instead they are constantly looking to or trying to in the future. It is because of these three illusions that I invited you to contemplate what you believe and perceive your enlightenment process to be. When we realise that even with the process of enlightenment that drama, glamour and not being in the present can be engaged with, then we begin to see through illusions accessing the truth of the enlightenment process of the Earth. It is appropriate to realise illusions and let them go.