Dayne Francis, Frequency of Higher Self,
February 20, 2017

Associate yourself the, walk . This word to no comparison explain his majesty when felt and experience, you soon begin to realize the unspoken word of God flowing through and around you. This is because like all frequencies the channel that allow you to see hear and perceive God like, is at a frequency all by itself. The issue is being, for in being we create our experiences in life. So be when faced with the unclear, be joy when faced with the melancholy and always be the you that you prefer.
You cannot please everyone simply because different people is of different vibe or vibration, thus different frequencies that of which enables them to share your vision or even perceive your reasoning for doing things, so be true and be clear of who you are, even in the site of those who may not have eyes to see you. For when tuning into frequency, imparts who do not know how to control their gifts all too soak up the at be losing and balance within their self. To not be so is to the dimensions of your , for your hearts power extend far beyond your physical eyes, in truth it creates the seen things and circumstances around you. Remember, emotions are there only for us to know which frequency you are channeling from, by this knowing, all around you shall be clear, for within each feeling are answers that dwell in wait to be heard and creating in with life, shall be second nature to your design and your will being done shall be done, thy come.