Marina Jacobi, 11 ,
February 10, 2017


Dear friends I am going to back up Simon Parkes statement. He said that with in 2 president Trump will to us new Free technology. I am happy to hear the same information that I received 3 weeks ago from the 11 Dimensional beings, that I told only to 2 people.

We are the 11 Dimensional beings. We are here to tell you that With in 2 years from now the president Donald Trump will reveal to technologies. In order to do that, you have to be independent of oil and gas. This technology is taken from the E Tees . More is to come for . Stay . Do not do protest but do unity work. Must to your society. The vail is lifted. If you listen to this message you are in the Ascension timeline. We congratulate you. We love you . You are us.
Much love to all.

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