By Victoria Cochrane.

Archangel Michael ~ The Vibration of Love, March 17, 2017.

The world turns, but it continues to be in turmoil. Her heart beats more strongly and her energies are more vibrant than ever before, yet wars to rage upon her and terrorism has taken a turn for the worse. The weather upon the has become unpredictable and out of with the seasons, which is not all as a result of climate change as some may think. Take heed that the vibration of hatred will only return the same vibrations to the , resulting in tumultuous energy weather conditions around the . Not only that, the energy of hatred becomes -prophesising as the vibration is so low it cannot be transcended by rhyme nor reason. become trapped in a cycle of revenge and retribution that may ultimately lead to their death, entrapping their soul in a karmic cycle for much longer than their soul contract may have contained.

I AM Archangel Michael.