lightcode art, poetry and transmissions for ascension
By Solene Cosmos

Greetings Fellow Adventurers,

In our intense earthly energetics of assimilation on this vibrating plane, we stand ready to change. We are here to change the being we know as ourselves. Change as a remembrance of our . Many of you are standing ready to walk through the gates of change. We have access to the finer abilities of our cosmic awareness through the activation and higher vibration of our DNA codes. This high vibration allows yourself to explore the higher capacities of your soul. Your soul seeks harmony, your earth also seeks harmony. Shall we dance?

In the allowance and understanding that harmonic expression of our being is our and our choice it is for us to exert the energy of this as our sovereignty. Choice to be the Divine within. to be Love. Choice to be Harmony. Choice to be Peace.

In the merging with our Higher Self, our Highest Aspect, our God Source we stand in the grand ability of transcendence. Our highest capacity for compassionate awareness can now be housed within a life form known as your body. Merging with your Higher Self requires you to be equal to it. Allow the higher self to reach all corners of your being.

Hold No Idols.

Human Angelic be you, no idol means no deities, no characters, no “notable” humans, no religious idols, no celebrity, no gurus, no saviors. There is only now, equanimous relationship with our multi dimensional presence. We now , we now integrate, we now become that which we are. We are the Kryst Consciousness, we are the Cosmic Awareness, We are the Angelic Presence, We are the Galactic , We are the Ascended Master. The finer vibrations of the inner of Divine Innate Intuitive Compassion is now your Rainbow Self.

Rainbow Voice be you. Integrate this voice within you as your guide, your innate sense of alignment. Vibrate as this and watch your thoughts, your surroundings, your life change to a richer, more full, more meaningful existence. Watch life ripple with the essence of divine principals of love, respect, honor, sharing, giving, , all in a and understanding of high harmony.

Hold this voice of you as the accumulation of sums that you are. A grand chorus of intention sent to the earthly, galactic and cosmic realms to bring harmony to all dimensional presences of your aspect. Thus affecting those around you, thus changing a world.

Humans were never meant to hold idols, because you are the master ray of the sun.
Accept the support, love, respect and freedom that your higher self brings. Merge with this understanding and you will be merging with the divine.

We can no longer be in idolization or awe of our higher self. It is not some far away unknown source of info that guides you, it is your innate intuitive guidance system known as God Source.
Allow yourself to move out of awe and fascination which keeps you at a distance from the integration of frequencies. Allow your higher self to merge with your being.

Allow the stream of God Source displayed as the many rays of the sun through you, to appear as your own essence. You are the frequency of wholeness. Accept this information into your crystalline core as it ripples into the core of Gaia.

Actively with Source and reclaim the human position of Power and Creativity.

Become an active, independent partner in Divine Will.

Many thanks for your participation,