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By Celia Fenn.

March Equinox 2017 : The New Beginning and the “Empty Space”

So, Beloved Ones, you are now approaching the first equinox of the year 2017. In the North this will be the powerful Spring Equinox, and in the South, the Autumn Equinox. The Wave of Diamond Light that released at the time of the Equinoxes gathering momentum, preparing to bring even more illumination and radiance to the Earth.

But, at the same time, there is a feeling of emptiness, of moving forward that translates into frustration, anger and helplessness for many of you.

There is a course, a for this. As you move into this new cycle of Time and Change, there are moments of high activity and shift, and there are when you are given a space to “breathe” and to contemplate where you have come from and where you wish to go to with your Reality Creation.

So it is that right now you are in a “holding pattern”, where you have the opportunity to align more with that which you desire to create as you prepare for the of Radiant Diamond Light that will wash over the Planet in July and August of this year and will culminate in the Eclipse at the end of August.

The Empty Space and its Purpose in your

Let this Equinox Wave be the you need to Release, Cleanse, Clear and focus the Creative Flow into creating your and wonderful New Reality.