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March Equinox ~ Compassion, Acknowledgment, Oscillating, Recycling & Intensity ~ Meline Portia Lafont
March 20, 2017

By Meline Portia Lafont, 03/20/2017

Beloved Love Tribe,

As a lot of dirt, filth and lower energies are coming to the surface within each world, realm and consciousness; as each are transforming and transmuting the lower ego consciousness and the deep pains one has endured in past timelimes and moments of the Now, we are each called to these processes with compassion. The Mother Mary energies are now aligning with each of you and with the Equinox gateway as this Equinox gateway is called the Gateway of compassion.

There are many resemblances and glances of old energies, old structures and ideas coming to the surface within each of us: a deep review, a deep acknowledgment of what is going on, a deep transmutation and transformation on multiple levels. It is the metamorphic regeneration of the old into the new, of the low and into high and . These are all passing through the wringer and so are we as Beings going along with it.

Simply because we as Beings are made of these energies which we call dark and light. So as these energies of , anger, resentment, disagreement, not being content and are surfacing, those are all darker facets of our ego minds and our self passing through the wringer for another climax of change.

What is going on, and what the focus is, is that as we are emptying our mind, our heart, our body, our cells and all that may contain any form of energy… we are not only making room for new heart based energies but we are also transforming our mind, our heart, our body, our cells and everything that has room for transformation.


Acknowledgment is one of the key stones in the transformational process. When it comes to our body, we need to embrace all aspects and parts of our body and be able to acknowledge that it is a physical vessel shaped from belief, energy and thought. It is also to acknowledge that this vessel can transform through the transformation of what one believes, what one thinks and what one vibrates.

It is also the acknowledgment of one’s state of consciousness to shape from this state of consciousness which is believed to be the knowledge one carries within and vibrates as.

Acknowledging facts is the same as these to be true and what you believe as true becomes your inner world of change, manifestation and reality.


A tendency to oscillate is a yearning field, within the space of consciousness, for growth. As we see growth as being a “step by step” foundation, we tend to go and forth to then return to a similar (read: same) point. Many are this oscillating movement as one believes in the necessity to go and forth: the swing of the pendulum. The idea of “you have to go one step forth and 2 steps in order to learn” is an old ideal which no longer supports our generation. We have grown and moved beyond this knowing and are understanding new perceptions of being eternal, which applies to growth as well. Growth is perceived as eternal and never-ending, thus no “step by step” policy applies in that manner ~ only the never ending movement.


by Méline Portia Lafont

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