Sheldan Nidle’s ,
March 7, 2017

As this moves forward, you are to see many necessary changes. These changes are to permit your consciousness to keep growing and your move toward full consciousness to increase. It this process that to be the key to the rise of your new reality. We are fully aware of how all of this playing out. We realize that disclosure something that needs to be addressed. The old governments defended the strange belief that UFOs did not exist. This now to be overturned and the truth that you are not alone needs to be revealed to you. In addition, there needs to be a of announcements that permit us to directly address you. In these communications, we intend to explain who we really are and why we were told by Heaven to create a monitor to better prepare you for full consciousness. You a number of ways to resolve the past you experienced in limited consciousness. This process is in helping you adjust to the physical changes that you are shortly to encounter.

Blessings! We are your Masters! We come today to help you better understand what is now happening to you. Over the past decade and a half, you have been subjected to a number of subtle changes that we generally call Ascension Symptoms. These changes by Heaven are one of the many ways your body, mind and Spirit are being readied for a grand change in consciousness. These changes are shortly to reach a point when deeper explanations are in order. Our series of vital lessons are then required. The rise of new governance is to accommodate this. We expect that once you are armed the truths behind your past histories, you can be better prepared to accept why this is the time for immense alterations of this reality. You are suddenly to learn about Agartha and why you first came here some 900,000 years ago. memories are to be recovered and explained.