Nidle March 21 2017 Galactic

for Mar. 21, 2017

4 Men, 18 Ceh, 3 Caban

Dratzo! There is a strange silence that permeates everything. The rascals of the night, the cabal, realize that the current period of nothingness signifies how the cabal can, to a certain extent, still control what goes on. Consequently, the Elders are cautiously monitoring the pace of change. Our liaisons still report that the process to commence a massive arrest is nearly complete. The present American de facto regime remains fully of its current shortcomings. The end is growing near as the current regime displays the emptiness that has largely characterized its official movements. , as noted earlier, is readying itself for a possible breakthrough in due time. As usual, things are popping just below the surface. The of this odd reality stay as disjointed as ever. A strange sort of malaise is the dominant of this time. All of this is not destined to last much . The dark is beginning to the unusual rhythm that we have installed just beneath their feet. All is in divine timing and something the cabal can no ignore.