Sheldan Nidle’s update
March 21, 2017

What is happening globally is a sign of what is to come. The Light was advised by Heaven to wait for the right divine time to act. This special time is nearly at hand. saw the President’s win as an omen that the surmised quick end would not take place. The cabal, as stated before, believed that the Light had to accept the existence of the USA, Inc. as a true sign that the illegal deal forced upon America in 1871 was to be allowed to remain. What the dark did not know is that this is only a temporary . As we stated in previous reports, this was done to give the dark false confidence. It has worked, and in the long run, made our tasks much easier. The dark cabal has now, in effect, put a noose around its neck. This project has now advanced too far for the dark’s liking. The frost is truly on the Pumpkin! We expect to be able to announce some good news shortly.

As you can see, the schemes to entrap the dark are working . The hard part is how much these developments have delayed the inevitable victory. The dark is finally finished and their vast networks of fully exposed. The Light can shortly finish its dutiful job, permit the new government (the NESARA Republic) to be revealed and the special jubilee to formally begin. This whole rollout is to proceed cautiously. The Elders have made it quite clear just how slowly it is all to take place. As usual, we must formally protest. We know that these events were really possible to move at a much faster and secure pace. This cautious approach clearly indicates the great degree of worry expressed to us by the various of Elders and royals. This dichotomy is rapidly disappearing as a consensus is reached by each of the different . The present results are yet another sign of this overall thawing. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!