The by Marilyn Raffaele
March 26, 2017

We know that we have given much of this in other messages, but many serious and evolved students are still that they must continue to do some rite or ritual in order to become a part of the ascension . This does not mean you ’t be guided to some book or that can help you understand something, or that you must throw away all your crystals, but it does mean realizing that the bottom line is– You are the ascension –and any teachings telling you that you are less than that are based in separation.

You have arrived but have not it. Spiritual teachings that emphasize a for students to do this and that, or resist and struggle in order to become spiritual were needed long ago when the world was very dense and un-awakened. They can be tools for beginners who are just starting to awaken but not for you who have completed that beginning phase of your evolutionary .

You are soon to see changes on earth, some frightening and some not, because the energies from this side and yours are clearing and dissolving so much of the lower resonating energy, the substance from which third dimensional creations are formed.

Try not to add more energy to what you see and hear within the old belief system, for fear and worry only add energy to the substance of the things you dislike. Keep yourselves separate from the fracas of a world that as of yet does not know who it is. You are the way showers serving the confused, angry, and frustrated through example and sometimes words.