Unfolding of Our Unified Heart By Sacredrootsblog
March 19, 2017
By sacredrootsblog, 03/18/2017

Today you can tangibly feel, hear & see the difference. Today the shift occurred, each and every of you are feeling it in some way. The gateway to the new right here,now. If you observe your surrounding environment you will notice the lucidity of the day, as the delicate rainbow colours, very soft pastel colours, fragile like new life, weaves in and through you. Can you feel/see & hear them? Breathe them in they are nourishing you..

The colours, the sounds, the everything is nourishing you, loving you and you can feel your heart to these tones as one giant heart that seems to actually you rather than just inside the body,

Succulent, delicate, transition has transitioned. Aligned and amplified as you witness your /guided/ascended emanating from within our unified heart through to its creation in our reality.
Embrace yourself now and see, feel ,loooove the magic which is unfolding in your life and everywhere you see.

Crystalline unification, you will be offline for today(rest laugh relax) as the crystallisation unfolds, you will be tuned into one whole energy to carry forth.. the present moment is indeed a present gifted to you from your source heart.

up and receiving