Twin Flame, André, Terra Will Stand Still, , April 7, 2017
by Christine Preston

It was a hurdle at one as we, celestial or ascended , as well as galactics, such as the Andromedans, could not descend down the ladder of the dimensions beyond a certain . It would have been detrimental to a being of higher dimension to do this. As you are now at a higher place, we are approaching the time when such a reunion will be possible. It also is what is referred to as First Contact. But it will not be a spectacle for the masses, of which have not left the 3rd dimension yet, as far as their mind set is concerned. A lot of changes are still needed to take place in regards their psychology, their emotions, their reactions. Some are rather brutal and do not function in a loving . But some have been the victims of a lot of indoctrination, or bad influences. Change will come and as a result of other changes, starting at the political level with the removal of the main Establishment of forces that has had an influence and effect upon most of the other nations. We will be accompanied by the forces of . We are coming to help certain changes to take place. By ‘we’ I mean the group I am now part of since I have taken a body with Andromedan genetic structure that I have been involved in creating by Will with the help of the technology of our higher dimension.