By Marilyn Raffaele.

Arcturian APRIL 9, 2017

Greetings dear ones, we come in love and bringing guidance for all who are trying so hard to make of the and how it relates to the ascension. Do not believe that there is no progress, for as we have explained before, the dense and heavy energies created by mankind through centuries lived in fear and with closed hearts must globally and personally in order for the energies of unconditional love to .

God, Source, Divine Consciousness, or whatever you choose to name IT is whole and complete, an equal balance of masculine and feminine . The Divine feminine is the Mother/God aspect of , while the Divine masculine is the Father/God aspect of . Much of the world continues to give recognition and worship only the Father/God aspect, relegating God’ other half to being unimportant or even non existent. Many religions continue even today to promote this grossly false of truth.

The Divine feminine energies are in the heart, flow as unconditional love, and are absolutely necessary to the whole. Without God’s feminine aspect, you have a left brain world of paternalism absent of love which is exactly what you are now witnessing in so many places. Closed hearts are unable to flow the receptive, intuitive, energies of the Divine Feminine, resulting in an imbalance and overload of masculine energies–the active, be-er, do-er, law and power energies.