By Kerstin Eriksson.

Faith, Hope and Love!
So what about these very energies?
Faith, hope and love, always works together!
itself is a of three colors.
It is also a form, like a triangle!
It usually is combinated with other energies, and if you take two triangles and put them together you have a MerKaBa.
You have to envision that the triangle is three-dimensional, and together with another, it rotates at a high speed.
When you look at the rotation, you can’t really say it is faith, hope and love, it seems to be one and the same energy!
The swiveling is something that is very important.
The very movement is, pure LIFE, and of course, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, in its essence.
If you have a very trained eye, you can see this energy in the sky, in bright days.
It is a that comes from of love, in .
You can always receive, this energy at all times.
It is there, always.
The only thing that stops this love energy, is fear.
But eventually, it go through even there!
Love, is the strongest energy in the universe, dear beloved,
you just have to have faith!