Lord Michael, the Higher Self is a Solar , April 28, 2017


All Angels or Archangels are of the Sun, are Solar, yes. We are emissaries of the I Am Presence and distributing consciousness, love, , warmth and life to the world. It is a platform of life and of evolution, Christine. The Angelics do the work of service, and of guardianship to the evolutions of souls. are souls that are young and are in the process of evolution. are old souls in the sense of laggards and they are defiant of the . There are more ancient souls that are of the and there are Angelic Souls in incarnation in the process of re-awakening. There has been interferences but we have intervened and placed ourselves in between you, as well as others, and the attackers. The latter had to through us, the Archangels and Ascended , and they could not because of the decrees for their Judgment. We our own and prevent harm to come to them. The Celestial forces of higher dimensions always tell the and in a trustful manner. They are consistent in their approach. They never are critical and always tolerance and understanding.