14th April 2017. Mike Quinsey.

The expected changes are taking place that are raising the vibrations, and it has been that your Sun much brighter with more of a white light. Certainly the vibrations are increasing and when they reach a certain point, Ascension will take place instantaneously. As mentioned previously, souls that are not ready to ascend will at that time move to another Earth like planet to continue their evolution. In the past you have been told of the type of changes that the higher vibrations will bring you that are of gratefully received as they lift you more into the Light and Love. Therefore the lower vibrations are to be transmuted and evidence of it has frequently appeared in the kingdom, when the most unusual and unlikely pairings have occurred. It fulfils the prediction that “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb”.

The higher vibrations will also lift up souls of the Human Race providing they have increased their vibrations. Evidence in the Human Race is beginning to show that your civilisation objects to a continuation of wars and aggression. They are tired of everything undesirable connected with it, and not least of all the waste of human life. Of course it is understood that in a warlike world you need to protect yourselves, but are the leaders that are ready to promote peaceful co-existence? However, do not despair because if as many of you as possible out positive vibrations for love and peace, it would bring about considerable changes. The difference in vibrations between those of the Light and those of the darkness is growing, yet your would seem to indicate a breakdown of Law and Order and a slow fall into chaos and anarchy.