By Michael, 04/14/2017

Dear Ones, I have come to provide an update on the current energies pouring onto the planet and the Collective. These are some very intense energies as many of you are feeling . These energies of the Celestial bodies are assisting in bringing up all dense energies which does not resonate with your Soul… with Love. Otherwise, Win for the Light. Many lightworkers have gone or are going through experiences to help release these energies. Others are simply allowing the energies to come up to be transformed. However, particular energy will have a very significant role to play. This would be the Saturn. Let us delve further into these energies and how they will affect the collective. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

The Celestial bodies are pouring many energies onto our Beloved Gaia, to assist in the Ascension process. All aspects of living are being affected, such as; belief systems, governments, societies, family, friends, relationships, work, homes and every aspect of daily . All that doesn’t resonate with Love is coming up to the surface to be revealed. Love is in charge, as per Universal Law by Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Mother Earth, Great Spirit. These energies are providing grand opportunities for growth and … to release all of the old… to release the confines of the mind.

The Ascension process is about Heart Consciousness… Unity Consciousness. This is the grand unification of All, as We Are All One. There is no separation, unless you choose the mind. There are no belief systems in Heaven… there is No mind. Many of the lightworkers have experienced 5th Dimensional frequencies simply by resonating with the Heart. These experiences may be short lived as the mind creeps in to disrupt the connection. As you dissolve the ego programmed mind, and anchor higher consciousness, these experiences last . When the mind… the ego is dissolved, you enter into True Reality, through the Heart. Heaven on Earth!

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