Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Love Has The Reigns & Love is IN CHARGE!
March 30, 2017

By Archangel Michael, 03/29/2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the human collective consciousness in bringing forth information of the current energy at for Our Beloved Mother Earth. Many of you are experiencing an assortment of energies since the equinox, gateway portals, eclipses and new moon. The energies are very fiery. They have and continue to affect the collective a great deal, with those whom embraced the Heart experiencing Great Bliss, Joy, Love… and those hanging on to the mind, having severe De-Ascension Symptoms. Let us discuss further on these energies and share some tool and techniques to assist in processing and integrating Heaven on Earth Energies. As always Dear Ones, Awareness Transforms into Consciousness

The energies pouring forth on the planet command All Atoms to Be in Right Action. As per Universal , Divine Decreed by Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Mother Earth, LOVE Is IN Charge! These fiery energies are bringing forth the Child like essence for those whom have chosen the Heart, sparking , Manifestation, Joy, Bliss, Laughter and Child like Wonder. Those still holding on to the programmed ego mind, are experiencing Primal Instinct behavior, Survival behavior, Anger, Rage, Reactive behavior, and severe De-Ascension symptoms daily. The mind simply process these energies, as it was never meant to. If you are experiencing these symptoms such as:

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