Horus via Nancy Tate, April 12th, 2017

Sananda April 12, 2017
Nancy Tate (spiritual writer and channel)
Wake up Call: Horus April 12 2017

I am here today to share with you something that is taking place in . You are all in turmoil in many instances, and as you go through them you are separating the good from the not so good. You are sorting through what is in your glory and what needs to be left behind. It is a time in which you will be coming through it all in a of understanding as to why this is time that you need, and in fact on some level, asked for in order to be able to see what the truth is in all ways that are coming to you in these times.

I am Horus once again, and I am spending moments, and sometimes more than minutes, with some of you as you go through these procedures of the truth of who you really are. I come to you from Inner Earth and from the galaxy out there as well. I am one of the beings who came to this planet for a purpose, and I am in the midst of completing this purpose with all of you, and then getting on to the next stage of the reason I am here.

I am going to share with you one thing that you may not have heard of yet. It is a long way to the end of extinction and as we go through the times of justice and completeness we will be given the green to be discovering the open door to the infinity of existence. We are all in this together and as we we do so with the authority that has put into place for us to express in whatever ways that we choose. It is a journey that has been so interesting at times and as some of you may say, so boring at other times.

It is all part of the experience that we have to be a part of. It is the ultimate of expression that we are using, and it is us to the epitome of what it to be in the freedom of that the Mushaba energy, which is within each and every one of us, is forth for us. We are doing what we are inspired to do, and it is a journey that has many downfalls, and many pick-ups that take us to the utmost expression of Love that is our prime energy of forward in the expression of who we truly are.