By Nicole .

Teachings of the Masters

Monday, May 1, 2017

Realize that all already complete.

Now what you are doing is tying up some loose ends,

crooked roads straight,

and deciding to ascend.

Now we say deciding,

because while the choice has already been made,

there is still need to choose the higher thought,

the higher


in each moment.

You are in of that.

The One attuning to this frequency,

this broadcast.

You are in full charge of this process.

Now we with authority

and we ask you to do the same.

Because as you do,

you will the help that you are requesting,

you will find the higher voice that speaks for love.

It requires bravery and a of fearless

to submit every moment to the voice of God,

the voice of your Higher Path.

But this is what awakening is about.

Awakening to the Truth,

that all is already One

and you are already .

And so it is.