Sheldan Nidle’s update for May 2, 2017

Dratzo! The gradual and secure process continues to move forward. Each ensures that the of the dark cabal is growing closer every day. The old , Inc. regime is seriously working on ways to delay this movement by forging the terrible conditions for a large- war. This process is to be thwarted when the new NESARA Republic is formally announced. Until then the delivery is readying the distribution of special funds.

The flow of all the incredible amounts of currencies needs to be carefully checked by a system that thus far has proven to be successful in achieving its many goals. Hence, we this process and are quite confident that it can, in due time, achieve all the distribution goals that it was initially assigned. This process has been measured in achieving its goals. , there are vast amounts of cash that it daily must review and then allow to advance to its next assigned . Yet despite any potential , all is well.

During all of this, vast sums of allotted currencies have remained stable and have been readied to move forward at the proper time. Creating this process was the result of numerous agreements that allowed for these movements to begin and prove their reliability and safety. Those who sanctioned all of this are quite sure that its goals are to be eventually achieved. It is the purpose of this to distribute the funds and legally terminate the current world system.