Celebrating Architecture’ inner Spirit
at the Edge of Visibility.

Using digital photos of architectural elements as a base, I used a particular cut, fold and repeat technique to the spirit of the architectural pieces into a humanoid type . I allowed each group of digital photos to definea unique personality just as unique as each of us Humans are. I now know the essence of being flows through all things, it is only a of perception. I truly loved creating each and every one these guys and can only hope you can experience some of the same joy, love and this project has brought into my life.
There are 170 individual artworks in this series from over 2000 digital photos. The series was started in 2006 and was in August 2010. (The artist reserves the right to re-open this series at any time with or without notice)
My has taken a into a different meme, but the of this series will forever be seen in my artworks.