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The World is Already Thanking You

And once you taste One Taste, no matter how fleetingly at first, an entirely new motivation will arise from the depths of your very own being and become a constant atmosphere, which your every impulse breathes, and that atmosphere is compassion. Once ...

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Caution: low frequencies ahead…..

Nothing is any different from what it was 48 years ago: there are those who bother me and those who have their own lives, and then there is me: forced onto this world by a completely mismatched couple that wouldn't listen to a friendly warning in the ...

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Life Sucks….

and I don't even like to be sucked anymore.... Work went ok, until I needed to make my memory stick bootable, and the tool required for that got confused and wiped my entire 500 Gig external harddrive, reporting quite proudly that it had wiped my ...

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New Age Freedoms Will Create Chaos

Posted: 28 Oct 2010 12:21 PM PDT Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry Dear Ones, Let us address an issue we have not looked at for some time. Many of you know others who are in pain. Perhaps their rage, and therefore, in...

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Although Change is Higher on the Ladder….

That is one thing I do have going for me: I may be down in the dumps for most of the night brooding over the thing that went wrong, and dragging down all the good stuff with it, but when bedtime arrives, I cannot simply go to sleep that way. Thus,...

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Darkness Reigns……

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Sticky with a wise streak….

Found this this afternoon while using the Google image search, great way to talk to my higher self......

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