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Out to Dinner with 8 guys and a gal…

  Just heard that tonight I am expected to eat out... Not because my mate won't cook, after al she's me! Nope, our teachers have defined another learning experience of a whole different magnitude. Now 11:33, but by 17:17 we'll be packi...

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M∞re Life? You God IT!

This morning's realisations had me arriving at yet another novel to be conceived. It's title came first, and it's concept has been an intricate part of my life for at leeast the last ten years or so. Before that, it was more of an anonymous acquaint...

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Instead of just feeling Gr8, this Great Mind of course wants to know what makes it tick... Much like Russell Crowe in 'a Beautiful Mind'. If you don't know it, take my advice: just Do it! Who caused this great feeling? Well, who didn't? Of cou...

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I Feel GR8!!!

OK, that came our a bit too Right, let  me rephrase: Not quite the image befitting a 6'8" Dutch Guy who doesn't look overweight but still halts the scales around 108 kilograms, no? Well, appearances may be deceiving: I'm Dutch, so t...

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Turn, Turn, Turn….

Not just a great song available at youtube, but the prelude to my next ditty, before Dreamland.... I figure she was waiting for it, and sent her congratulations named THE GREAT TURNING the moment she became aware of what had ...

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SEX the other way….

...When you compare it to my greatest fetish: Special EXperiences! Also known as Synchronicities! I just can't get enough of them! Having had a few very deep and intriguing ones, I was caught hook, line and sinker.  And now? I just go t...

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THE GREAT TURNING...   GREETINGS UNTO YOU beloved and "wholly" friends...   this day i come to share some thoughts with you about what i will refer to as "the great turni...

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Low Grade Expectations….

That's what's wrong with me, as I figured out on the way home today. I just don't expect much from anybody, all on account of them having Free Will, as I found out in these past nearly 48 years. Having finally met my Big Sister Endra yesterday, it w...

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