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Aina – Serendipity

Here's one from my personal collection, that's always had that airy-feairy atmospere:

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Allowing for Change-Be As A Reed That Willingly Bends With the Winds of Change

Channeler: WENDY-MARIE COLLINS AUGUST 15, 2010 Blessed Are You BELOVED ONES! We Greet You with a Heart-Felt Welcome, Welcome One & All. We invite each of you to take a moment here to settle into your chairs and be...

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Do you know yourself like others know you?

And equally important, do you know others like they really are towards you? Today at work, two things happened that took me by surprise, and made me think about this theme on the way back home. Now I do not describe these incidents to mock or to degra...

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Combatting change here, and helping it along….

At times, my job as a software engineer can be pretty damn interesting, and obnoxiously frustrating at the same time. I'm currently engaged in writing and executing test plans, to make sure that whatever reaches our customers is something not likely t...

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YAFED: Yet Another Free Energy Device

Considering the plethora of videos like this one on youtube, you really have to wonder why not one of them has really made it to the market, and why none of the plans were actually leaked out in a really useable form. But on the other hand, if someo...

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Make the Change ~ Ascended Master Saint Germain

25 August 2010 - 2:23pm Channeler: Aruna Byers 24 Aug 2010 Who can make a difference in anything man desires? Man. Man can move the clouds, and make the heavens bring forth moisture. Man also can make win...

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Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts

25 August 2010 - 5:10pm Channeler: DL Zeta Many reality threads exist within the energetic field of each person’s life. At any given time, some threads exist as a close vibrational match to your existing...

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The Re-Birthing Teachers

a message from Jennifer Hoffman Tuesday, 24 August, 2010  (posted 25 August, 2010)   Every aspect of our life, with each lifetime, is an opportunity for us to remember who we are within the context of...

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The Goal of the True Spiritual Path

a message from Leonard Jacobson Tuesday, 24 August, 2010  (posted 25 August, 2010)   Question: Why are some Paths so seemingly complex, and time-intensive and others so seemingly simple (Advaita Vedan...

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Are you a weird sleeper too?

4:05AM, and my seventh or eighth wakeup call this night. Yes, even in the maybe six hours I do sleep (and quite soundly I might add), there are about eight to ten moments that I wake up, wide awake, wondering why I can't sleep a whole night straight l...

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Infinity isn’t just a word….

The word itself, literally plucked apart, says it all: it has no end! But have you ever considered just what that little bit of information implies? If it has no end, nothing can exist beyond that end, and so anything is part of it! But does that also...

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