My motion graphics work is a rough translation of the content on this site. I create in unity with the writers and contributors each doing there individual, yet collective part. I leave lots of seeds of awareness through out my work, and my print and motion graphics visual art in all ways resonates with ever expanding perceptions. I will admit I have not all ways been the greatest at explaining each piece of work I translate, but I am making an effort to provide more traditional descriptors to my transmission translations. But for those exploratory ones feel free to use the dates posted and then you can reference the articles from the archives for that date.

To experience the translation to the maximum,  put on a radio station, just put in your favorite band or something that says, yes that sound track would go great right now and the come back to this page, put the video in full screen mode, and hit the mute audio button, listen as the station you choose synchronizes and greatly adds to the translated transmission. When I created the translation I engineered it with infinite potential possibility – activating an interactive multidimensional experience. They are also exercises in Unity, more specifically by choosing the theme music and expanding what you are perceiving within yourself, you can begin to know the deepest truths about just how powerful of a engine each of us is.

Suggested Viewing Exercise

After choosing your music station off of an internet radio site, come back and choose a translated piece whose thumbnail you are drawn to. Mute the video and put it into full screen. Now expand your awareness around your thoughts, feeling and body. Want to see unified harmony and beauty, then hold those thoughts and feelings. Then to illustrate your power, make a really loud thought, scream in your head – I want to see this mess up. Now observe the unity and affect of what would be considered traditional as unconnected, uninfluenced parts. Have fun with the exercise, feel the truths of the power we each hold and expand these perspectives for your self. Investigate, validate and explore your path within I am only holding up possibilities from the road of life I have lived. I know if any other aspect of us all is helped even 10% of the road I have walked I am honored and privileged to share my experiences and road signs along the way, we are in a time of miraculous miracles. I am no thing less than a miracle manifest given my life’s path.

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