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Sheldan Nidle Sirian Update – March 9th

Sheldon Nidle Sirian Update Mar 9/10

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

10 Akbal, 6 Ceh, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to discuss with you. At present, the Earth allies have instituted a worldwide Intelligence blackout to demonstrate to everyone that they are applying the necessary security measures in anticipation of the first domino of the changes. The "roadblocks" are now self-imposed as our Earth allies slow down their operations in order to make sure that all potential opponents are removed from any position where they could cause delays to the immense global changes. So far, the remnants of the dark cabal have shown no proclivity to further hinder our Earth allies' good works. The final agreements are in place, as are the funds to carry out the numerous governmental and financial changes. All is in readiness for the grand plan to be implemented. Meanwhile, our inner ring of ships around Mother Earth is prepared to carry out its many pre-landing assignments. Our Earth allies are fully aware that Heaven has given us all the "green light" to act when the time is ripe, and to this end, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and stand ready to act!

For her part, Mother Earth is accelerating the preparatory stage of a series of massive, global earth changes. Your planet and her Spiritual Hierarchy tell us that time is running out, and it is therefore essential that some sort of pre-evacuation warnings be issued. Pursuant to this, the waiting interim governments comprehend the need to reprioritize their schedule of changes, and we are working with them on plans that meet the Earth Hierarchy's criteria. The most pressing issue is to ascertain how best to prepare each of you for the much reduced time span before departure from the planet surface becomes necessary. A general intensification of planetary activity is also being noticed by your astronomers, who see an upsurge of unaccountable activity happening throughout your solar system. The heightened activity is affecting the space stations and shuttles in near-earth orbit and has lead to the cancellation of most rocket-propelled, manned space missions. In fact, your seriously panicked secret governments are using their antigravity fleet in a desperate bid to avail themselves of a hi-tech escape plan.

The dark cabalists' attempts to defy Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy are typical of them, but fear is now compelling them to physically challenge our clearly stated prohibitions: we have informed them in no uncertain terms that their operations are limited to the planet and its atmosphere; likewise, the Agarthans have banned the cabal's craft from Inner Earth. This puts the cabal in a predicament that has only one solution: to surrender, and to do so ASAP! Your lovely planet is turning to the Light and it is time for you to be informed of what lies ahead. Your dark elites' sources of information have made them vividly aware that their physical survival is now at stake. It is essential for them to surrender and permit our Earth allies to get on with the announcements detailing what is to happen and why. Mother Earth is in the final stages before serious earth changes begin. Further, Heaven requires you to be informed that you are not alone in the galaxy and that your space and spiritual families are here to bring you, with Love and grace, back into full consciousness.

This process of divine change has been tampered with by the dark and its endless infernal schemes. Our task has been to counter these infamous activities and to keep your changes to Heaven's timetable. Our multiple star-nation command board meets daily to put together programs ensuring that Heaven's decrees are carried out. No single star-nation has the power to thwart these divine operations. We are acting as one to guarantee that Heaven's commands are accomplished by means of this first contact mission. To this end, we have set up a series of guidelines that our diplomatic missions are extending to the Earth allies and various governments on your world. We have made it very clear that this is the time for action. Your long-suffering planet makes it evident, too, that the string of delays that has punctuated the recent past must end. We are advised to plan for all possible contingencies and to be ready to carry them out at a moment's notice.

Our fleets are at the ready, and we have compiled a series of back-up announcements to cover any eventualities we may face. These range from simple, forthright announcements informing you of our existence and the need to start mass landings, to emergency broadcasts warning you of imminent earth changes that require us to evacuate you from your surface homes. In the case of the former, we can then also address the secret technologies and set the timing for our arrival on your shores. In any event, we greatly prefer that these broadcasts be delivered by the interim governments. Mother Earth desires, above all, to see far more progress than is happening at present. Those actions that set the stage for an interim world need to happen. We cannot overstate the importance of this. Our purpose here is to shepherd what is now underway to a smooth and rapid success.

Our deep involvement in your affairs has afforded us many new and interesting insights into the dark's operation on your world. We were told about its modus operandi long ago and have spent the past two decades seeing it all in action. The extent to which the dark has been able to change you from a strong, integrated Being into a weak and compliant one that is so divided against itself that you actually "die" after a few decades is quite astonishing. Happily, Heaven is reintegrating and restoring you to your former power and abilities so that you can contribute significantly to the unfolding of the divine plan in physicality. We gleefully look forward to this wondrous transformation and intend to welcome you back with great fanfare. Your hard-won wisdom has the power to accelerate certain consciousness-oriented developments now brewing throughout this galaxy.

This galaxy is undergoing a vast transformation toward the Light. Everywhere, formerly dark star-nations and immense empires are becoming less dictatorial and more inclined toward personal sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone is highly motivated to develop a Lightbody and to transcend the limitations of 3-D physicality. This longing has enticed many to focus on what you are going through, and so it is in everyone's best interests for us to advise and mentor you back into full consciousness. Besides, you are part of our space family. Humans were given the gift of a Lightbody and Heaven has protected it from destruction. The following chapter of our joint history is predicated on your return to the Light, so you can see that this sacred transformation of yours is most important to us.

The pressure-cooker that is first contact is boiling over! It is imperative that the agenda drawn up between our Earth allies and us now be completed. First, we need to get the waiting caretaker governments into power, together with the prosperity fund deliveries which will kick-start the gold-backed financial system. Then we are to co-sponsor the unveiling of a series of remarkable new technologies, adding ours to the pot. Third, we need, together, to address Mother Earth and quickly remedy her current condition. You need to adopt a whole new set of perceptions and come to honor her role in your evolution. She is a living Being and you are her invited guests. You need to become independent, and fully responsible guardians of her diverse ecosystems.

Today, we addressed various developments happening on your world and explained how these relate to the first contact mission. Mother Earth is subtly pursuing a course that is intended to force the hand of the dark and demonstrate how vital it is for our Earth allies to swiftly complete their complex agenda. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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You are The Christ In his Return Time to Shine!

Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you are the most dedicated souls of the highest frequency and sacred lineage, though you may feel you have not done enough.

You forged a new path with only the direction of your soul; many obstacles and challenges were put before you and you followed your inner truth. You took a step down in your light frequency to come through the veil that would act as a barrier to God in order to be in human form, yet you found a way to sustain your holy communion with Creator. At times, you felt alienated in a strange world yet you still transmuted the genetic damage of your family lineage and did not fall asleep, into illusion. You would not be reading these words on this page if you had.

You stood strong in the light of inner knowing, alone, as there were no churches or organizations to support who you truly were. You have accomplished more than most who have spent their entire lives working on a prestigious career in your created society. You were not given a medal, a trophy or certificate for your dynamic work and efforts, and many looked at you as different - in your own world. Yet this other world kept you connected to your true spiritual roots.

Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, you can come out now, it is your time to shine!

Your Mission

Expand the God Consciousness, to evolve humanity, so they may reunite with your planetary brothers and sisters in the Galactic and Universal Counsels of Light. You, Blue Ray, along with the other rays of Indigo, Violet, Ruby, Crystal, Rainbow and more, came from ascended planets, systems and light realms carrying the specific coordinates of the perfect element of Nature and Creation. Each of you makes up the totality of the spectrum of light; each and every one of you brings the unique expression needed to support the whole of light and evolution on this planet and universe.

What's Next - Changes, Endings, Beginnings and Opportunities

Everything will be touched by the Light. As you embrace this next alignment of light, Blue Ray, let go of everything you have carried that is not truly yours, all false images of God. This is not only occurring for you the Light Bearers, but for all of life. Feel deeply within, my beloved, I Am talking to a Master who knows the time has come. Yes it is time to be who you truly are, live it, feel it and have others see you for it. The hiding and waiting is over and, yes, you will be taken care of --- the universe will support you!!!

This is where you may once and for all release energetic patterns that have veiled your divine light. Enough light has been updated in the genetic codes and you no longer need to transmute genetic damage. You are free and this will be a process, to nurture and allow your true essence of Being.

It is time for letting go, finishing up and stepping into your unlimited potential as more light penetrates earth. Your world, governments and institutions will all be experiencing this as well. Much will fall so the light may shine.

You knew this would happen. It may not be comfortable at first only because you became accustomed to a way that is not truly who you are. If you look to your heart, you will know it is not your way. It is only something you have adapted to. You are here to be the Truth by the very fact that you exist by being your true nature.These transitions will continue with strength into 2012 where a new alignment will be set forth. From this place, what has occurred until that point, will determine much in the next cycle of light here on Gaia.

You Learned to Distrust God and Nature

You are the way showers of the new earth; you do this by bringing your multidimensional nature into your life. It is time to put your trust fully back into your Self, God and Nature. This is divine alignment. Many of you were taught to first go outside of yourself and body to experience God. This created a disconnecting harmonic from your bodies, your sacred feminine alignment with Nature and the earth. This kept you from trusting your inner guidance, and doubt and fear crept in. Humanity as a whole became easily deceived and controlled; now all this is changing because of your light and courage.

 Divine alignment or God consciousness starts with the higher feeling resonance with your inner self/body first, then higher Self, then Nature and then God/Creation; this will keep you balanced, safe and in harmony as the great purification proceeds on Gaia.

This is the foundation to receive and know God, higher light, wisdom and healing. This is when true manifesting is effortless. We will be giving you the ancient sacred technologies and tools that you once knew through these transmissions. The Mother God principle will get these tools back to you, for it's her essence that is bringing balance to Gaia.

Why Am I Here? Second Coming of Christ

You came to Gaia, for to send another created messiah or teacher would cause too much in the way of creating the same result as to follow that teacher or being. And yet the Christ seed was planted here on Gaia in the hearts of mankind a long time ago. First with Krishna and then with Christ which has brought us to the second stage of the plane of Light. This is also referred to as the second coming of Christ, the new man of light, the "embodiment of God", and activation of your "divine original blue print".

Krishna and Christ from the Blue Ray

Christ was a part of the Blue Ray mission as well as Krishna. Krishna was from the Blue Ray and the central core. Krishna's color is actually blue and He is depicted playing a musical instrument. When you see Krishna playing the flute, he is actually playing in tune with the rhythms of Creation, bringing harmony into all life.

Krishna planted the seeds into the genetic code of humanity from an ascended race to increase the capacity of God consciousness. In those times this is how it was done. It was in complete alignment with God/Creation and the highest Counsels of Light.

This is why you are here.

We wish to share with you more of what you already know, have sensed, and are awakening to. "Beloved, remember who I Am, I Am you. I Am the part of you from Creation speaking back to you, answering your own questions and thoughts."

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Part 5-Pleiadian Alien Message-Hungarian sub

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Part 2-Pleiadian Alien Message-Japanese sub

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Part 11-Pleiadian Alien Message-Bulgarian sub

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Steamboat Willy, a whole new era

I figured I'd show you all a revolution, something that made people look differently at the world: Steamboat Willy may not have been the exact first cartoon on film, but it is the most well-known among the first ones. It showed people how fantasy can become reality, and as such thoroughly moved the mass consciousness:

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The Divinity of Suffering

This message was written 2 years ago in Cusco Peru. I have been made "aware" to re-post this today. Side note. Our call as it was for many at first was "Are You Ready" for those who read this then I'm lead to say "You Are Ready" this message is timeless and is called for today for a group who needs to "shift" some energy... Peace.

There are certain times when we are in the process of transmutation of lower vibrating energies that can seem, well... a bit over the top. There are times, both as the Collective One (cosmically) and in our Individual Nows where a "shaking out" of lower vibrating energies occur.

For many of us, and you know who you are, this has seemed exceptionally brutal in recent weeks, hell years, right? It has most certainly appeared in the way of Lack (of finances) that were once there and suddenly vanished, along with relationships that could have possibly soured or completely separated during this time period. There are many other symptoms as well, including what Lisa Renee refers to as "the Spiritual Nomad."

However, let me ask you a couple of questions: Are you hungry? Are you wet? Are you sheltered? Have you not been provided for...maybe not always as desired or as the ego wished, but have you not been taken care of? After transmuting so much and doing Light work, have you recently experienced anger, frustration, lack, fear, depression? Do you feel forsaken?

You have not fallen off your path. In fact, you are standing directly in it. For what you have just transmuted, and it was a lot ;-0) ...if not now, will SOON be filled with LIGHT.

This is THE Holy Moment, my friend... This is what is deemed being Reborn. As you transmute the lower vibrations, the old you, the 3D mind/body "you" dies. As the Light comes in more and more, Your Higher/Divine/True Self is who you become.

You are Reborn, Self Actualized, Self Realized, just some names used in Psychology, Science, Religions, and various Philosophies, but they all refer to the same process of Ascension, or being Reborn...
You Awaken And Remember...Welcome Home!

Based on the Law of Attraction, you do attract what you vibrate. Remember we are here to experience energy in form, which is how we expand. So, as these lower vibrations leave, it seems to attract "darkness."

This is because you're literally watching the "darkness," or lower vibrations, leave for one last time. It "feels" like you're experiencing them. Actually, as the lower vibrations leave, more Light, or Higher Vibrations, can come in. You see, the Light never left, but was simply waiting for you to make room.

So, if the Law of Attraction is not seemingly working for you, or you feel it's nonsense, here's why: We will no longer be able to attract what our ego wants; what the mind thinks it wants or is real. We will only receive what we are vibrating on the same level as, which comes from the Heart; Your Heart's Desire, which vibrate higher.

This suffering has occurred to a specific "group," and I am here to assure you that this Final Shaking Out was due to a massive change occurring, and a major influx of Light, in which sometime in the very near future, if you haven't already, will start to experience.

As for those of us, (over the last 5 years or more) who believe we've experienced much suffering, have been invisible, taken advantage of, used, abused, dismissed, disrespected, unjustifiably wronged, etc... AND then to go thru what we've experienced in just the last few weeks or so...especially the Lack and Separation, I am here to inform you, and trust me on this, NO ONE is happier to hear this than I was...
Retorno De La Luz
(although it never left and there is no separation)

But, before I get into, and possibly risk inflating the very ego we've all been trying to dismantle for all these years , I would like to get into the True meaning of The Divinity of Suffering.

There is a Master Software Program within the Collective Consciousness in which we all have easy access to providing everything is going "well" in our lives. If things are relatively well, i.e. job, relationships, money, health, etc...we NEVER reflect inward because everything is ok outward.

Not to mention that our Religions tell us the rules to live by, and that we need NEVER look elsewhere, especially inside, for Truth and Wisdom. In fact, we're warned not to.

To suffer is not Divine, but there is definitely Divinity within your suffering. For once we experience suffering, we begin to reflect inward. The more suffering, the more reflection. This is simply the mechanism that causes the reflection inward where ALL TRUTH LIES.

Because most of us are afraid of our True Divinity, our mind searches outwardly for answers, truth and conformation. In reality, this is what I have referred to as Reflective Thought Processing.

This processing starts at birth, and because of how it's all reflective off the master software program, i.e. what society says, what is considered logic, what others tell you is right and wrong, what government says, religions, schools, etc... this is what we have been transmuting over the last few years. It is much to transmute. (Not to mention what we've chosen to take on and transmute from a personal soul level)

I know there has been great pain and suffering and confusion. However, what was shown and told to me from a Very High Vibrating Source is that the suffering and pain have nothing to do with being "bad" or "good," or Karma. (That's right. Karma is no longer being created, and our group is no longer transmuting it)

It's simply the only mechanism available to humans that TRULY forces us to reflect within so that we can begin the process of Awakening to Truth and then Ascension, realizing Who we Truly are. In short, suffering initiates the Remembering Process.

This is not for all, as there are groups, or waves, going thru the Ascension Process, and each group gets a little easier. Those of us going thru the first few waves chose to take on more suffering (transmuted lower vibrating energies) in order to pave the way for those Souls coming after.

Although this may not seem like the point of this post, it is the most important thing I have to relay to you:
"If there was an easier way, there would be one. We don't want to see you suffer. You're loved unconditionally." -Very High Source

So, if you feel like you're at the end of your rope? You've HAD IT! You want to give up...or as we say in Texas, "Calf rope. I'm done!" If you are stuck, blocked, experiencing lack, needing direction or just in need of Hope... you should know that change is currently passing thru or just around the corner.

I have a story, in which I've told many times and it goes like this:

"There's a New Train coming, and ALL are welcome. On this Train is your Heart's will never need or want for anything upon this Train. However, because this is such a High Vibrating Train, the only condition upon entering is you bring no (baggage) what-so-ever.

Have you ever felt like your Train had arrived and you were preparing to board, only to be stopped and stuck at security for a carry-on bag? Then, you leave the bag and try to board again, and again you're stopped.

You respond with dismay and confusion, and are told you have a toothbrush in your back pocket? You may become agitated as, after all, it's only a toothbrush, right? You return time and time again to board your Train, but you're always stopped. And, it goes on and on and on...

Well, my friends, the lint has been shaken. In fact, you're getting ready to board, but you're totally naked/exposed...Egoless. That's right. No underwear...nothing. Now you can board.

You see, there's nothing to hide and nothing you could ever want or need upon this Train, including a new wardrobe "

So, I'm here to say:

"Job well done. You should know that you've already put in the work, and are now going to be simply taken care of. You should take each day as it comes, doing what you can and what you're allowed. Do not try to force anything.

Do not allow fear or worry to enter your consciousness, although we are still human and 3D concerns still make an attempt at our minds. Remember now that all your suffering and past works are now coming to fruition and will be realized and noticed. Allow the Universe to provide and take care of you. And allow your True Divine Self, Your Higher Self, to create and experience and take over.

Step aside and allow Yourself to take over."

We've been wanting to write this message for many weeks, but have been blocked. The only intent I have with this post is to give those who have felt much pressure, lack, and suffering some relief, and I hope this has been accomplished.

Please continue to spread your Love and Light, as we know you have even through your own personal suffering.

Are You Ready???

With Much Love and Light,


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In the illusion time is a cruel master

03/10/2010 by John Smallman

In the illusion you spend a lot of time waiting for things to happen, or waiting and hoping that certain things do not happen. Either way you do a lot of waiting, which is stressful, boring, and unprofitable. In the illusion time is a major issue for you and seems to control your lives – because without it there would be no cause and effect.

In Reality there is only the eternal now. Here, cause and effect are one, ever present, undivided. Being so immersed in the idea of time you cannot conceive of life without it, let alone imagine what that might be like. In Reality you have no needs, so time would be irrelevant. In the illusion time is a cruel master whose slaves you all appear to be. You are governed by the passing of time because what you have waited for with joyful enthusiasm will pass on with it, leaving you once more bereft and discouraged.

Living in the now moment — accepting what is, without concern for what has passed or has yet to arrive — is the way to peace. It takes a lot of practice, but if you persevere it will become second nature. Children do it all the time when they are left free from the constraints and pressures of the adult world — a world which adults are so keen to impose on their children! When you live in the now you are relaxed, and your creative ideas flow much more smoothly and easily than when you set yourselves goals and dead lines to meet.

In the illusion it seems counterintuitive to attempt to live outside of time — in the now moment — and yet you do see people doing it, very happily, and you wonder what is the matter with them! If they realized how insane it was, then they would be worried! (How come they do not realize how impractical it is? And why are they not worried and pressured?) This obsession with time is endemic in the industrialized areas of the planet, where you are all crowded together and seemingly getting in one another’s way. So you build more roads and airports to enable you to move out and find more space for yourselves, but it does not work, as you then spend even more time travelling — which is also a form of waiting — to places where you work, live, or just visit. And time rushes on, leaving you anxious and confused, so you rush about some more, worrying all the while. Who is it that is insane?

In Reality all is sublimely content and at peace, as there is no time threatening you with wastage of it or with the deadlines it imposes on you. Reality just is. This is a difficult concept to grasp when you are so deeply immersed in the illusion. The illusion places stress and anxiety upon you because it can offer no certainties. At any moment catastrophe might strike — you see it happening to others every day — and so you have to take all kinds of preventive precautions. These are then found to be inadequate and new ones have to be devised. Life is a constant struggle to provide safety and security, and in the illusion this is impossible. You distract yourselves with grandiose plans and schemes that seem to work, and then yet another unforseen and unforseeable event occurs, throwing you once more into a state of perplexity and distress, in which you feel a strong need to fix on someone to judge, blame, and punish.

To awaken and let go of the illusion is the path to joy and freedom; and you are going to awaken — it is unavoidable. To help pass the time until that moment arrives, practice living in the now moment. As you become more accomplished at it you will start to find peace and joy, even within the illusion. Your energy signature will change as your stress dwindles and your serenity increases, and this will be sensed by others below the level of their conscious awareness.

Wherever you are, you will extend a palpable field of calm effectiveness that will bring a most beneficial consequence to all with whom you interact, be it from a brief passing on the street, from thinking about someone or e-mailing them, or through a more extended physical encounter. When others call you to mind, the overriding impression they will have will be one of a calm and peaceful nature that is without any need to judge, condemn, or find anyone unacceptable.

If you continue to do this during the remaining time you spend in the illusion, you will be adding most helpfully and powerfully to the intensity of the divine field that envelops the planet and which is assisting in the awakening process. And of course you, too, will reap the benefits of this satisfying way of living. You will find that the involuntary judgments and condemnations you are accustomed to making will occur far less frequently as your acceptance of what is intensifies, bringing you an increasing sense of peace and an increasing awareness of it, as you approach the moment of your glorious awakening into full consciousness.

You are all divinely loved and cherished in every moment, and you are infinitely honored and respected for the path you have chosen to follow — a path that is leading you unerringly out of the illusion and towards your heavenly destination.

With so very much love, Saul.

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