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MARY MAGDALENE: Accessing Feminine Power

Part 8 of a Message Received by Mercedes Kirkel On November 19, 2014 Question: Mary, what is your advice for women to come into their true Feminine power, because women have been conditioned to not be in their true power. Mary Magdalene: Connect to your emotions. Connect to your body. Connect to your sexuality. That’s […]

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The Portal 2015-05-14 09:25:00

L1ZOO clear

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The Portal 2015-05-14 09:24:00

PPN / Isidic security breach deflected

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Sheldan Nidle’s update – The Galactic Federation of Light May-12-2015

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I Will Accept Atonement For Myself – Episode I

I Will Accept Atonement For MyselfWorkbook Lesson 139Episode IThe Communelight

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12 Signs Your Dog Is Basically Your Furry Child

1. Snack time is no longer a solo activity ...

2. ... And you always have a little reminder of when it's dinner time.

3. You always have a bed buddy — whether there's room for one or not.

4. The word "messy" is now taken to a whole new level in your household.

5. You have more pictures of your pup than you do of people.

6. Your house is full of toys that do not belong to you.

7. You never need to set an alarm — you'll definitely be woken up in the mornings.

8. You no longer have sole ownership of your possessions ...

9. ... Or your food.

10. You take more pride in their accomplishments than you do your own.

11. You'd do anything to keep them from getting scared.

12. And the most telling sign? Your pup is always the most surefire way to brighten your day.

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Are there only 2 authentic Bigfoot videos ever taken? The Georgia Police Dash Cam Bigfoot Video

Other than the classic Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot footage captured way back in 1967 on the outskirts of Bluff Creek, California, the following video may be the only other footage ever captured that is authentic, not a hoax, and not a case of mistaken ide...

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Dying With Dignity

 Excerpt from huffingtonpost.comBy Debbie FinkCo-authored by Karen Bloch MorseThere is nothing easy or natural about watching your 41-year-old friend (of 41 years) -- who, by all counts, looks healthy -- ...

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