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‘Killer Germs’ Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke (Smudging), Study Reveals

Sayer Ji, Green Med InfoThe ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to the prehistorical era and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. Now modern scientific research reveals that the practice may actually have life-saving implications by purifying the air of harmful bacteria. The burning of herbs and plant resins for medicinal and spiritual purposes – so-called ‘smudging’ – is an ancient practice among indige [...]

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The 4 Scariest (But Secretly Wonderful) Steps toward Enlightenment

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer“Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”  –AdyashantiThe first thing to remember, here at the outset, is that enlightenment is not a destination but a directio [...]

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GMO Corn – the Poison Plant Everyone Eats

Catherine J. Frompovich, GuestJust about everyone loves corn, especially fresh corn-on-the-cob in summer. Well, maybe “corn-aholics” ought to research the effects of modern GMO corn before taking another bite. Don’t pop that corn yet!Jerry Rosman was a pig and cattle farmer, who now is an ORGANIC farming consultant as a result of losing his animal-breeding farming business due to GMO corn feedstock interfering with animal husbandry and reproduction—baby piglet [...]

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Just Who are the Top Shareholders of Monsanto?

Christina Sarich, Natural SocietyThe answer may surprise you…People like to talk nasty about Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO, and obviously a shareholder. The same goes for Bill Gates. He purportedly owns millions of shares of Monsanto stock as well. But who are the real owners of Monsanto? The answer might be shocking.The real owners of Monsanto stock are institutions, and people who hide behind those institutions, not individuals like Gates and Grant. Accordi [...]

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How This Little Girl’s Life Was Changed by Cannabis

Documentary Film – Charlotte Figi has Dravet Syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures that can and does cause death in far too many cases. Charlotte straight lined several times & CPR brought her back. Charlotte had her 1st seizure when she was 3 months old. Over the next few months, Charlotte, affectionately called Charlie, had frequent seizures lasting 2 to 4 hours, and she was hospitalized repeatedly. She was to take some of the most heavy d [...]

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By Foster Gamble & Kimberly Carter GambleUPDATE — March 14, 2015 When people are conducting covert and destructive acts, they usually do their best to cover their tracks, to leave no evidence that would prove their intention and guilt. When those same people own the media, it makes it especially challenging to find factual evidence to prove what is really true.We initially posted this blog about the U.S. allegedly being a corporation as an in-process document, peppered with [...]

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A Galaktikus Föderáció és a Spirituális Hierarchia üzenete 2015. június 2.

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Arcángel Miguel junio de 2015 Federación Galáctica de la Luz

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