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Laptop computers cook your testicles

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Is something burning, or are you just computing again? New research published in the medial journal Fertility and Sterility
(Nov 2010) reveals that laptop computers can roast a man’s testicles to
the point where sperm production (and quality) starts to drop.

conduct the study, researchers placed temperature sensors on the
scrotums of 29 men (a procedure that no doubt required some finesse and
hopefully did not involve TSA agents), then asked those men to use
laptop computers on their laps. It didn’t take long before scrotum
temperatures rose to levels known to damage sperm production — just 10 to 15 minutes of computing time.

Staying cool means staying fertile

are supposed to stay cool. And I don’t mean "wow, that’s cool" but
rather that they are supposed to remain a degree or two below body
temperature in order to maximize sperm production. When the testes get
too hot — even with as little as a one degree Centigrade rise in
temperature — sperm production starts to fall. Using a laptop computer
on your lap can cause temperatures to rise by 2.5 C in one hour, according to this research.

the men in the study didn’t even notice the rise in temperature, by the
way. Probably because they were too busy updating their Facebook pages
with comments like, "Check it out, I’m actually getting paid to roast my
nuts for the advancement of science!"

In the world of temperature-sensitive sperm production, 2.5 C is equivalent to a scrotum barbeque cook-off. And all it takes is a little laptop computing to send temperatures soaring.

Cooling pads didn’t help

Surprisingly, even using a laptop cooling pad didn’t help, researchers reported. Scrotum temperatures still rose just the same.

reported that Belkin International, Inc., makers of laptop computer
cooling pads, "…did not wish to comment on the new findings." (…)

surprise there. This is dangerous territory for marketers. After all,
there’s really no way to spin this story in a positive direction. Even
if Belkin unleashed ads such as, "Feeling the heat? We keep your scrotum
cool," they would be hit with complaints about lewd marketing tactics.

It turns out the biggest determining factor of whether a laptop computer heats up your testicles is your leg position while computing. I’m not making this up: Researchers found the best position was to spread your legs wide while computing in order to dissipate heat and cool your man-crotch.

Just what we need in the airports, huh? First you get felt up by the TSA with their high-security crotch sweeps (…),
and then you have to walk past a bunch of health-conscious compu-geeks
sitting spread-eagle in the passenger waiting area because they’re
hoping to remain fertile in case they ever actually meet a girl in the
real world and not just in adult chat rooms.

We need to all get together and blame somebody for this mess, of course. It’s the American way. And I say we should all blame Intel
because obviously it’s the CPU that’s generating most of the heat in a
typical laptop. The harder you push the CPU, the more heat your computer
dumps out. In our litigious society, I’m sure it’s only a matter of
time before somebody tries to sue Intel for their infertility problems.

Stay cool, dude

The bottom line in all this, guys, is that when it comes to your testes, hot is bad, cool is good. Keep things "breezy" down there, in other words, and you just might have children one day.

for all the women reading this who have men you’re trying to conceive
with, you might explain to them that in addition to fried foods and
pharmaceuticals damaging sperm quality, now they have to worry about where they’re holding their laptop computers,
too. If you catch your man with a computer on his lap, shove some ice
packs down the front of his shorts until he gets the message. I
guarantee you this will get his attention.

Because men who can’t keep their junk cool are actually practicing a form of laptop birth control.
Although the drop in sperm quality from laptop heat isn’t considered
permanent, it’s technically a form of short-term sperm suppression. Sort
of like soaking your sack in a hot tub for twenty minutes (hopefully
with the rest of your body along with it).

All this makes me wonder, by the way, if laptop manufacturers might start engineering their computers
to offer better scrotum protection for their male customers. "Now with
Windows 7, Norton Anti-Virus, and Scrotum Protector Plus!"

maybe there will be a new, downloadable edition of Windows that uses
fewer CPU cycles and will be branded "Windows 7 Ultimate Scrotum Pro for
Men" and bundled with a new macho face shaver sporting not four, not
five, but NINE rotating blades powered by a 200-amp car battery.

Quick, somebody register and invent heat-conducting copper underwear that can dissipate crotch heat out the sides of your pants. Or roll out a new line of water-cooled "Bro shorts" featuring hot male models sporting ripped six-packs. "I’m cool," the ad says. "And so is my scrotum."

a fortune just waiting to be made here somewhere, I’m certain, for
anyone willing to get past the laughter and create a workable solution.
The U.S. Patent Office is ready and waiting…

HEAVEN #3644 Life Is Good

God said:

You stand on a threshold, and you do not know where your next step will lead.
You trust, and you take a step. You came this far. You climbed a mountain, and
now you are here. The same Guiding Hand that brought you here will take you all
the way.

You have come to a glorious Horizon. You didn’t do it alone. You did not know
where each step would take you, but Someone did. I did. I watched out for you,
and I am watching out for you now. I have the whole Universe in My heart and at
the tip of My fingers. I am like the mother bird who takes her baby birds out of
the nest so they will learn to fly. They will learn to soar.

If the baby birds stayed in their safe nest, they might never fly. Even the
stability of the soft nest is not guaranteed, however, is it?

You are learning to fly, beloveds, and, yet, you never go solo. There is
nowhere for you to go where I am not. The mother bird has limits. I have none.
If you wish for a SuperGod, your wish is fulfilled, though not always are you
rescued in the way you would like.

Ultimately, your life on Earth is all story. It is a tale once told or told
again, and yet it is story. It is a whopping good story, would you agree? Yes,
your story is filled with twists and turns, but that’s what good stories are
filled with. Nevertheless, your story is more than the spinning of a wheel.

You do not know what is going to happen next. Your life on Earth is a
page-turner. What you can know is that your life has, in truth, a happy ending.
Well, a happy non-ending. A happy continuation. A sequel that keeps getting
better and better. It is quite a series, the book of your life. It is endless.
Of course, it is, for the book of your life is written in Eternity where there
is no beginning and no end. Your life is a blip on the surface of Eternity.
Eternity is well-established. It is no fly-by-night, but your story is.

SuperGod always has you in sight. SuperGod is always mindful of you. I hold
you by the hand at every twist and turn. It may not seem like that to you
because We have different visions, you and I. I know you cannot come to harm.
You think you can. You wish I would come down from the sky and whisk you off in
My arms to a place of safety. There is no unsafe place. You are already in My
arms. Nothing can happen but that you are in My arms of love. This is a very
safe place, indeed. In My arms is as safe as safe can be. In My arms is beyond
safe, you understand, for there is no unsafe. You are established in My arms.
Whatever it may seem like to you in the relative world, you are, nevertheless,
established in My arms. You already know that what seems is not always so. And
what seems not may be what is very true.

True is My love for you. True are My abilities. Will you accept that I always
work on your behalf?

What may seem to your benefit may not always be to your benefit. What may
seem to your detriment may be to your benefit instead.

So, where does this leave you, beloveds? Just take life as it comes. Savor
every moment. It will all come out in the wash, and life is good, and you are
good, and all is well.

Ancient Mayan "Space Vehicle" Reverse Engineered

Remember the small golden Mayan artifact that looks like a plane? This guy is building a larger model of it to see whether it is aerodynamically suited for fllying. After several attempts he succeeded! And the plane flies surprisingly good. Very manoeuverable even at very low and very high speeds. If you understand something about avionics, you’ll understand that an aircraft, depending on it’s size and shape (especially the wing configuration), has it’s own ideal speed for manoeuverability. Below this speed the aircraft acts sluggish and is always in danger of loosing altitude, or worse, in danger of stalling. Stalling is a condition where the airspeed is not producing enough lift for the aircraft and the aircraft just tumbles and spins uncontrollably down, almost like a stone brick would. Above the ideal speed it’s hard to let the aircraft change it’s direction and the craft tend to produce excessive lift so that it is constantly gaining height (until the air is too thin to generate more lift). The F14 Tomcat interceptor for example, as seen in the movie Top Gun, has a swing-wing configuration to maintain it’s controllability at low and at high speeds. For low speeds, it’s wings are swept forwards and for high speeds backwards. But such wings are vulnerable to mechanical malfunctions. And it adds an additional factor while flying the craft in demanding conditions is already a complex task (computer aided or not). Appearantly, as you can see in the demonstration below, there is a better solution than a configurable wing. And the solution was probably already applied long, long time ago.The special wing of this ancient model makes the aircraft very resistant to stalling. It generates much more lift than a conventional wing, so you can fly with much less power. And it’s safer to fly too: it’s very controllable at all speeds and stays in the air a lot longer.

There is a lot of talk in approximately the first half of the video. You can skip them to jump to the moment where the modelled aircraft is being tested. The model aircraft also has a very short landing run. Although it isn’t really shown on the video, I guess it has a very short take off run also. Until anti-gravity propulsion becomes mainstream, this would be an excellent preliminary solution for the aircraft industry. Does anyone knows someone who works in the aircraft industry?


SaLuSa 17-November-2010

Matters are really heading for a showdown, and once the power is removed from the Illuminati the changes will start quite quickly. They are being confronted by the forces of Light whatever way they turn, and we take much care in monitoring their reactions as they become irrational and panic. They fight a lost cause and aware now of the ultimate collapse of their empire. There is no hiding place as we track all of their movements, and as we have informed you previously are present at their conclaves. As our authority has been extended beyond our original remit, we now take more direct action to stop the black operations aimed at you or other countries. We echo your sentiments that "enough is enough" and it is now the turn of the Light to direct the path of the people on Earth. Such a lot of work has already gone into paving the way to the final years of this cycle, to ensure it is a smooth and successful journey. You of course have played a major part in achieving such an accomplishment, and you have helped create the grid of Light that now encircles the Earth.

True democracy is replacing the political vacuum that has failed to respond to the needs of the people. Evidence of this is shown by the recent events in Burma, where Aung San Suu Kyi has never wavered from her belief in democratic changes that will release the people from the military stranglehold. Like President Obama, she is a soul of immense Light under great stress from the dark Ones, but is giving her services without thought for self. Be assured the Light and its supporters will be victorious, and the dark Ones will be defeated not by force or military power, but by the power of Love and Light. It may sound unlikely when you look back at history but you are now in a totally different era, when outside forces with the backing of the Brotherhood of Light are directing the outcome of activities on Earth. Mother Earth also plays a part and is desirous of working with us as her own cleansing takes place.

So Dear Ones whatever happens that is not in accord with the Ascension process have no fears, as it will not affect the outcome one iota. As you sometimes learn, many countries now are going through self-analysis as they realize the old paradigm no longer works. Those who wish to keep the status quo are fast becoming a minority and their influence will not interfere with the program of changes about to commence. The Galactic Federation represents the civilizations that have outgrown war and the use of force, and seek to bring total peace to the Universe. We are therefore very much involved with your Ascension, and ready to welcome you as fellow travelers who have moved into the Light. Hitherto our activities were much more limited, although we have guided you on your path of evolution. With the gift of freewill you have determined the manner in which you have reached this point in time, and from hereon we are authorized to give you every help. In fact it is now our duty to ensure the cycle is successfully completed, so that the whole Universe can ascend.

We know that many of you are feeling very excited at developments, and are sensitive to the changes occurring in your midst. It will eventually touch more and more people as their vibrations are lifted up, and what a great energy it is sending out that will speed up the changes. The Wake Up call has caused people to look at the purpose of life, and their beliefs in that connection. The information being given about your future is a strong challenge to those who have not previously contemplated our involvement in your evolution. We would therefore remind you that we are your future selves, and also your family from the stars. We are all connected, as One in the consciousness of the Creator. In essence we are no different to you, as we all come from the Source of All That Is. We too are Spiritual Beings who at this time simply exist in a higher dimension, because we resonate with that particular vibration. You will soon join us, as it is your destiny to ascend with the ending of this cycle.

You are now wise enough to ignore the futile explanations given to account for our ships visiting Earth. The wool can no longer be pulled over your eyes and your grasp of Cosmic matters is quite outstanding, which is preparing the way for your elevation as Cosmic Beings. For those who find the advancements too quick there will be adequate guidance given in due course. We try not to overpower you with too much information, but at the same time you are on the verge of a great event that will end in your Ascension. As your consciousness expands you will inevitably find yourself better able to understand what is being given to you. There are in fact beautiful souls in all walks of life, yet they do not necessarily have the same consciousness levels of those who have already awakened. They are by no means excluded from the process of Ascension, and will easily accept whatever is necessary to change their direction. That is possible because they already have the basis for a greater expansion of their consciousness.

We are coming more and more into your lives and by design, and it is not accidental because we are to go forward together. Once we can openly engage with you we see a great bonding taking place, and it will help us all to get through the final phases of the cleansing. No one has pretended it will be easy, and all along we have tried to present you with the facts in an acceptable manner. The last thing we want to do is to create fear, and we have gone to considerable lengths to explain that we are limiting the effects of any changes. However, Mother Earth must achieve her own Ascension, but remember that she carries you with her in the most unique process to involve physical Beings.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish we could give precise information as to the timing of events near to materializing. Firstly there is much flexibility involved, and the right time may not be apparent until late in the day. The only certainty is the final date decreed by which everything must start, and we do not propose to give that out for obvious reasons. We have not come this far to allow any last intrusions by what remains of the dark Ones power. We will however tell you that you will not have too long to wait, and we believe that you are intuitively aware of how near it is, so hold fast to your belief in the wonderful future that lies ahead.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Sweet Child O’ Mine 314k 100% Expert GH2 Xbox 360

Alien vs. Predator

Rebel News – November 15, 2010

of the biggest puzzles of mankind is how human beings came into
existence. The differences between animals and humans are too
fundamental to be sufficiently explained by evolution theory. The
genesis story of the bible makes even less sense. If an all powerful and
all knowing god had created us, why did he do such a less than perfect
job? A far more sensible explanation is that modern humans are the
result of alien genetic manipulation. It would explain both our ape-like
instincts and our unique mental abilities.

We know that our ancestors have been around for over 100,000 years.
According to the alien genetic manipulation theory, every 5000 years our
planet is visited by aliens from Planet X, the tenth planet in our
solar system. In Assyrian records those aliens are known as Anunaki. The
reason for the long periods in between visits is that it takes that
long for Planet X to come close enough to Earth for the Anunaki to make
the trip. On their second last visit, around 8,000 B.C., the Anunaki
implanted a sufficient amount of their genes into humans to enable us to
make the switch from primitive group hunting to agriculture in the area
of the ‘Fertile Crescent’, encompassing today’s Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon,
Syria, Israel and Palestine, besides the south-eastern fringe of Turkey
and the western fringe of Iran.

5,000 years later, on the following Anunaki expedition, further
genetic manipulations resulted in the rise of more advanced state-like
civilisations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus River and in China. Some
humans were supposedly given extra rations of Anunaki genes to empower
them to control their fellow humans on behalf of their alien masters.
This is said to be the beginning of the ancient bloodlines of our ruling

The aliens didn’t conduct those experiments out of the goodness of
their hearts, but in an effort to make us more useful for them. They
needed us as workers, soldiers and slaves. What they were after is
fairly obvious: gold. All ancient cultures had only one purpose, the
production of gold and other precious metals for our visitors from
space. The Anunaki didn’t want to do the hard work of digging the gold
out of the dirt themselves, so they created us and other humanoids like
hobbles and Neanderthal men to do it for them.

The gods and demons of ancient religions are easily explained as
descriptions of those alien visitors, as are the strikingly similar
descriptions of dragons from different parts of the world. Most likely,
Anunaki resemble reptiles, but have the ability of taking on other

During their last expedition a revolt broke out amongst the Anunaki,
making them split into two warring camps. That conflict is reflected in
the biblical story of Satan’s revolt against God. The trigger for the
revolt was an attempt of the leader of the Anunaki visitors to crack
down on rampant fraternisation between Anunakis and humans, which was
bound to create a hybrid race that one day could become a threat to the
total control and exploitation by the Anunaki.

The camp of the rebels was able to win a significant followership
amongst human leaders. The latter were more than happy to produce
off-spring with Anunaki superpowers. What is more, the ‘evil” camp was
more appealing to them because siding with ‘Satan’ was far more
rewarding than the hypocritical demands of frugality and unconditional
obedience demanded by ‘God’. After all, why does the ‘good shepherd’
take so well care of his sheep? Because he wants their wool and meat.

The Anunakis left, but the human leaders of the two opposing camps
have kept warring each other for the past 5000 years, Romans vs.
Phoenicians, Hohenstaufens vs. Guelphs, Guelphs vs. Ghibellines, Medicis
vs. Huguenots, Fascism[1] vs. Communism and Freemasonry.

By the looks of it the Satanist camp is close to winning the
5000-year-war between “God” and “Satan”. It would be oversimplifying
though to describe this as a conflict between morally good and evil.
From an ordinary ‘sheep’s’ point of view, it’s a case of the pot calling
the kettle black. If the ‘good’ side is only after your wool and meet,
you might as well have some fun in the ‘evil’ camp.

The solution to this dilemma is obviously not as simple as joining
either side. My point is that in this ‘Alien vs. Predator’ conflict, it
doesn’t matter which of the two reptile camps wins, mankind always
loses. The big challenge for us – regardless of the amount of Anunaki
genes we carry in us – is to find a third option, in which we treat each
other the way we would like to be treated if we were in the other
person’s shoes.

P.S.: The next visit of our alien creators is scheduled for 2012.

[1] I’m referring to Italian and Spanish fascism, not the mock fascism of Talmud inspired National Socialism.


Louis Pasteur vs. Antoine Bechamp: Know the True Causes of Disease

by Tony Isaacs, citizen journalist
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Mainstream medicine believes that virtually all illness is caused by
germs or genetic hereditary weakness, as well as deformities and trauma
injuries. Their solution and strategy is to have us believe that there
are over 10,000 different diseases and that each of these diseases
requires outside intervention from drugs and surgery. The truth is that
most illness is due to cellular malfunction caused by cellular
toxicities and cellular malnutrition, both of which can be avoided and
overcome naturally.

It was Louis Pasteur, the so-called "father of modern germ theory" so widely revered by mainstream medicine, who was largely responsible for germ theory being a primary precept of today`s medical practice. Few people are aware of the controversy which surrounded Pasteur in his early days or of the work of a more esteemed contemporary whose works Pasteur plagiarized and distorted. That contemporary was fellow French Academy of Sciences member Antoine Bechamp, one of France`s most prominent and active researchers and biologists whose theories and research results stood in stark opposition to Pasteur`s germ theory.

Pasteur essentially dug up the germ theory of disease and put his name on it. It wasn`t a new idea. The concept, which theorizes that many diseases are caused by germs, had actually been outlined by other people many years before. Pasteur nevertheless claimed to have "discovered" germs. Bechamp, on the other hand, proved through original research that most diseases are the result of diseased tissue and that bacteria and viruses are largely after-effects instead of causes of disease.

Antoine Bechamp was able to scientifically prove that germs are the chemical by-products and constituents of pleomorphic microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced, malfunctioning cell metabolism and dead tissue that actually produces disease. Bechamp found that the diseased, acidic, low-oxygen cellular environment is created by a toxic/nutrient deficient diet, toxic emotions, and a toxic lifestyle. His findings demonstrate how cancer develops through the morbid changes of germs to bacteria, bacteria to viruses, viruses to fungal forms and fungal forms to cancer cells.

After some initial controversy, Pasteur`s germ theory ended up winning the day with mainstream medicine – owing in large part to the fact that the theory enabled mainstream medicine to hugely profit from the patented drugs and treatments for fighting germs. After all, had Bechamp`s discoveries been incorporated into current medical curriculum, it would likely have meant a virtual elimination of disease and the end of the pharmaceutical industry.

The germ theory of medicine stands in stark contrast to thousands of years of man looking to nature to nourish and heal it, dating back to ancient Chinese medicine which treated the whole body instead of the symptoms of illness. As Hippocrates, "the father of medicine" observed 2400 years ago, "Nature is the physician of man." Hippocrates also advised, "Leave your drugs in the chemist`s pots if you can cure your patient with food."

Though mainstream medicine might have us believe otherwise, the simple truth is that no one ever became ill due to a deficiency in pharmaceutical drugs. Lack of nutrition combined with exposure to toxins is what causes us to become ill.

Someday, germ theory and unnatural drugs will be relegated to the science junk pile where they belong and man will re-discover the value of eating a nutrient-dense organic diet, avoiding toxins and nutritional deficiencies and living a healthy lifestyle. When that happens, the words of Thomas Edison may prove to be a welcome prophesy:

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Sources included:……
"Cellular Toxicities & Cellular Insufficiencies", The Crusador, May/June 2010 edition…

About the author
Tony Isaacs, is a natural health author, advocate and researcher who hosts The Best Years in Life website for baby boomers and others wishing to avoid prescription drugs and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally. Mr. Isaacs is the author of books and articles about natural health, longevity and beating cancer including "Cancer’s Natural Enemy" and is working on a major book project due to be published later this year.
Mr. Isaacs is currently residing in scenic East Texas and frequently commutes to the even more scenic Texas hill country near San Antonio and Austin to give lectures in health seminars. He also hosts the CureZone "Ask Tony Isaacs – featuring Luella May" forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group "Oleander Soup" and he serves as a consultant to the "Utopia Silver Supplement Company".

Extraordinary Life

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