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Private Message from SaLuSa and Allendale to Laura Tyco 21 Feb 2012

{mainvote} Posted: 22 Feb 2012 01:08 AM PST Laura: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities. Message channeled by Laura Tyco ...

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Allendale to Tots…He’s Baaack! ~ February 17, 2012

{mainvote} February 17, 2012 Allendale [Hello Allendale.] Hello Lass. My, my, my it has been awhile. [Yes it has. I don’t know if that has been due to me, you or us both.] It has been a very interesting time for sure, these past fe...

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Take your eye off the mountain and focus on the shovel.

{mainvote} by Laura Tyco [Hi. Spike here. Allendale, can we talk?] Yes, my dear. We can talk. I'm on the line for you any time, any day. You're the apple of my eye, dear one. [Thank you! Why?] Because we've been through...

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Laura Tyco Allendale – 30 Jan 2012 – The Cabal is losing its Grip

{mainvote} Laura: Hello Allendale, I have felt that you had a message to communicate for us today, is this correct? . Allendale: Yes, that I do lassie. Right you are so, You would have noticed that all the giant steps taken in the shadow...

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Allendale to Tots ~ An Update on David and Ben’s Work ~ January 30th, 2012

{mainvote} January 30th, 2012 Allendale   [Hi Al] Hi Tots, My, my you are a busy girl! [Never to busy for you, my friend.] That is lovely. Let me begin with an update of where we are with David and Ben’s w...

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TAUK with Allendale ~ Dream of James Martinez and comments on the Bill Wood, David Wilcock Camelot Interview.

{mainvote} Laura: Hi Allendale. I had a dream last night, it fell very real and intense. I was in a house with a lot of people who were suffering financially. I was one of them, although I was a lot more worried for those with families than for ...

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Allendale to Aninadzija January 23d 2012 ~ Alien Races with a Different Set of Rules

{mainvote} Posted on January 23, 2012 [Hi Al, how are you? Have you got any burning news or info for us?]   That I do indeed. Well, here you go: there is a huge project going on behind the scenes right now ladies and gentlemen. ...

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Allendale to Aninadzija ~ After Disclosure, Heads Will Fall

{mainvote}  Posted on January 19, 2012 Good evening lass. [Good evening Allendale] Now, I know you on Earth are going through quite a ride now, and it is only the beginning, if I may say so. Things will speed up, and you need to...

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