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Update durch Sheldan Nidle für die Spirituelle Hierarchie und die Galaktische Föderation 21 Juli 201

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Sheldan Nidle Botschaft von der Galaktischen Föderation des 14 Juli 2015

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~ The Seed Within ~

{mainvote} we come in blind...at first..we only see the love of home.. the innocent babe.. then..our earthly eyes open and we wonder what are we doing here?? the curtain is pulled down...the light of home seems to have taken...

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Peggy Black and The Team: Message 17 Collect Your Joy !

{mainvote} Peggy Black and The Team We would like you to sense and welcome joy. Let yourself examine the feeling of joy. When are you filled with joy? What are the conditions? What is the situation? We invite you to practice the awareness ...

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~ bringing that which is ~heaven ~ to earth…

{mainvote} you will KNOW when you have moved from fear...to love being heaven on earth when you come to the re-membrance that every arising IS love and you practice acknowledging that this is so.... ~allow it to be so for you ...

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~ open the palms to receive only Me….~

{mainvote}   ~ Open the Palms to Receive that Which I AM....   a gentle voice comes to me.. it whispers...~new now ~ is already here and it always has been....!!!!   you are simply letting go o...

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Message 76 Time is Elastic – the "team"

{mainvote} 5 September 2011 Channeler: Peggy Black Each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions. Humanity has recorded time, history and past events wit...

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Message 74 A Bigger Playground – the "team"

{mainvote} 30 August 2011 Channeler: Peggy Black You are being invited to practice ways of riding the intense energy waves being generated from the stars. Everything you experience as solid and "real" is vibrations of energ...

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~ Love is eternally neutral ~

{mainvote}    dear heart... for you are all One Heart appearing to be "many"....   as always....i come forth...we come forth from a space of great joy... for it is joy to share that which is t...

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People who act like magnets – why?

{mainvote} On May 23, 2011, in Unexplained, by James This phenomenon is just plain weird. Do you classify it as a natural phenomenon, or something more spooky? 10-year-old old schoolgirl, Jelena Momcilov has a really strange ability &nd...

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~ I Ask Jeshua ~

{mainvote} Why do you always ask of us to ~Choose ~ for peace ???? Oh....Precious Precious One.... i love when you ask of me such questions for it is from the question and the clarity of the question that love responds.... ...

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