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Seth: How to change your beliefs

Session 619:

"Few beliefs are intellectual alone. When you are examining the contents of your conscious mind, you must learn, or recognize, the emotional and imaginative connotations that are connected with a given idea. There are various ways of altering the belief by substituting its opposite.
One particular method is three-pronged. You generate the emotion opposite the one that arises from the belief you want to change, and you turn your imagination in the opposite direction from the one dictated by the belief.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Nine Numbers of Creation: SIX (Pleiadian Renegades)

2 May 2012

Teacher: Nine

A conscious sock adorns your foot as you step across a body of current-driven rivers of understanding. Five created the sock as your soul directed. Six created the brown puddle of mud you stepped in on your way to greener pastures of Soul Farm.

Six. Nature proceeds to do its best to confound the nodding petals of the daffodil with the quarter of climate, drought and stress. Blooms are rocked by today’s storm and racked by tomorrow’s north wind.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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You are an Infinite and Magical Being

10 March 2012

Channeler: DL Zeta

You are an infinite and magical being deserving of the best the universe has to offer. As an infinite and magical being you are able to access unlimited parallel realities.

If you have difficulty with the idea that you are capable of unlimited possibilities, you may need to expand your beliefs to embrace this idea. In the past, you adopted beliefs based on your needs at that time. Older beliefs that no longer serve you can be transformed to new beliefs that allow you to expand your consciousness into new realms of experience.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Ships of Song: The Sacredness of Science

Monday, February 6, 2012

The following is from Convergence of Consciousness: the Harmonics of Creation with Study Guide, Chapter 7.

The convergence of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force and a cornerstone of all that exists. To fully understand your creation and the consciousness in which you dwell, the dedicated student of spiritual enlightenment must consider the philosophical and theoretical aspects of creation, as well as scientific data and theory.

There is no conflict in consciousness between faith and science.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Fluid Intelligence

10 February 2012

Teacher:  Julie Miller
found here:

Image by Jason Lincoln Jeffe


Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

   ~   Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, in 2005 commencement address at Stanford University

Fluid Intelligence

In exploring personal and global transformation, it is important to talk about the concept of fluid intelligence in relation to the ability to grow and expand our awareness. Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Self-Acceptance – Gaia’s Daughter of Truth

21 December 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of Truth

Quite often, the hardest part about being yourself is accepting yourself as you are. The second hardest thing is knowing which part(s) of you to put away for safekeeping/ protection, and which you should/can reveal to those around you.

There seems to be a stubborn belief that to be fully truthful and honest – or true to the self – one has to bear all to everybody, regardless of other people's beliefs, values, principles and level of readiness/openness – or your own.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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7 December 2011
Channeler: Faye Rouchi

A few weeks back I was going through a rough patch and received this message to assuage my fears that I was some sort of ascension drop out, failure. I just thought this might be of help to others that may be experiencing something similar as we enter this time of quickening and higher vibration which tends to shake, rattle and role that which no longer can remain to the surface for us to finally let these go.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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