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~ ♥ heartfelt ♥ ~

{mainvote} 13 May 2011 Channeler: courtland ♥ ~*~ Brightest Blessings be to You! ~*~ We are energetically traveling at enormous rates of movement. Each moment is bringing us into NEW structures of our NEW BEingness! It...

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Creating your own Guiding Light by Master Serapis Bey

{mainvote} 10 May 2011   Channeler:  Natalie Sian Glasson www.omna.org Creating your own Guiding Light by Master Serapis Bey Channelled through Natalie Glasson-09/05/11 With great delight I have been asked to step ...

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Going with the Flow of Life

{mainvote} 8 May 2011 Channeler:  Karen Downing For so long, humanity has been pushing, working, trying, moving in what seemed like quicksand. Starting this month, there will be welcome change as many souls start to step into t...

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{mainvote} Channeler: Solara A FRAGMENT OF SOLARA'S MAY 2011 SURF REPORT ~ THE CRACKING OPEN OF DUALITY ~ During April we either removed our resistances to fully emerging as a True One or we tenaciously held onto them. The m...

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Uriel Heals – The Illusion as Life

{mainvote} Channeler:  Jennifer Hoffman April 25, 2011 As you assimilate new energies you may notice that you are seeing old lessons in the form of familiar energies in new situations, reappearing in your lives. You may wonder if yo...

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The Sirian Councils of Light, Love is the Choice

{mainvote} 27 April 2011 Channeler:  Ray Dawn Hello to you, it is the Sirian Councils of Light and Truth Eternal to speak with you in this way.. We are here to bring tidings of Joy to each of you, to each of your heart spac...

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Ascension Update from the Council of 12

{mainvote} 25 April 2011 Channeler:  Melanie Beckler If you would like to listen to this channeling as an .MP3 you can access it from the following link! Ascension Update From The Council of 12 Indeed we are here, we ar...

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Archangel Michael on The End of the Dark Times

{mainvote} 23 April 2011  Channeler:  Susan Elsa Dear beloved Souls, I A.M. Archangel Michael and I bring you this very happy News: The World is getting closer to the End of all Darkness! The Changes are underway and many o...

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{mainvote} 22 April 2011 Channeler:  Brian Baruch: The Family of Jacob / Elohei Yaakov It is the premise of the Law of One that chords of expression in Creation are playing integral roles towards a single benevolent narrative that e...

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{mainvote} Channeler:  Meredith Murphy  From Source Creation, in connection with Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Naeshira Telepathic transmission 18 April 2011 The 9th Wave is upon us. And within the opening created by the song...

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Pepper Lewis ~GAIA SPEAKS~

{mainvote} Channeler:  Pepper Lewis~ ~GAIA SPEAKS~ Dear Friends and Family of Gaia, Long before planets were known to have specific orbits it was thought that they wandered the heavens; the last and lost remains of some great ...

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Unconditional Trust

{mainvote} 11 April 2011     Channeler:  Karen Downing One of the most difficult things to do on your path of awakening is embracing unconditional trust. There is so many times where the Ego wants to come in and ...

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