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A Message from Spirit

{mainvote} 27 August 2011 Channeler: Míria Gonzalez The dance of words cannot last forever, soon all must choose, and through their choice that they make, come to find their view, we cannot make for you, the path you mus...

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Laura Tyco: SaLuSa to me: Your Power is Limitless – 27 Aug 2011

{mainvote} 27 August 2011 Channeler: Laura Tyco   Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. From the questions and emails a few people are wondering why is the Galactic Federation of Light not stepping in on our planet and help us with our on...

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The Waiting Room

{mainvote} 26 August 2011 Channeler: Karen Downing Oh, how difficult it can be to wait in wonder... not knowing what is next and giving up all feeling of attempting to figure it out. This is where the freedom to be yourself lies; not bou...

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Quartz Crystals – Part 4 – Cleaning your stones?

{mainvote} 26 August 2011 Channeler: William LePar - The Council Questioner: Cleaning your crystals. Do they need to be cleansed? The Council: Well, if you drop it in a mud puddle, rinse it off with water. All: (Laughter) The...

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Zones of Comfort – from Gaia’s Daughter of Truth

{mainvote} 25 August 2011 Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of Truth We find that you are such peculiar creatures Earthlings. Not matter how open to change or adaptable you are, you seem to enjoy surfing on the same wave, settling in a way....

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Conversations with Michael Jackson

{mainvote} 20 August 2011 Channeler: El Anora Michael, I was wondering if you would be willing to share some wisdom with the world right now? *smiles* heh, I am crossed over and I still feel like I am on camera? You sure we can't...

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7th Dimensional BEings message 20th august

{mainvote} 20 August 2011 Channeler: Karen Doonan We come to guide and support at this time and we are BEings from the 7th dimension. We do not need titles and we do not need to explain ourselves at this time as many would not be able to...

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