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A New Mandate for ALL Americans!

American Mandate


Good afternoon. I Am Saint Germain.

Change came to the country of America on 9/11 2001 as a message to all who do not care about the men and women who are creating an aura of light for this country. Many details have been denied or collectively managed by the collaborators. No details given to the media correctly describe this death, desecration and collapse of America’s commitment to making a contribution to human awareness. No details given can completely clarify the disinterest of Mr.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Galactic Federation Of Light Ascended Master El Morya April 10 2012
Life has included many hardships for you to learn and grow from. It is through the lessons and growth that many of you discovered a deeply embedded truth of oneself and that truth is the necessity to love yourself. It appears to be the hardest for humans to acquire. Through the challenges and day-to-day hectic hassles you reach within for courage, a deeper inner-strength that is fed from your determination to succeed.
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Power Path ~ April Forecast 2012: Power

31 March 2012

Channeler: Lena Stevens

Monthly forecasts will be posted on the first of every month on our website. To receive Moon updates and other information please sign up for email updates, (link here).

For a more specific overview of the trends for 2012 please order our Mp3 or CD of TRENDS 2012 (link here).

The main theme for April is POWER.

This month you will get to look at all things related to power.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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The Real Fountain of Youth

Rebecca Couch a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch

Sunday, 25 March, 2012  (posted 26 March, 2012)

Beloved, we will say it again and again until it “locks in”: there is nothing outside of you. So when you are in pain or grief of any kind: look within. The external forces are there to draw you in one direction only. They are there to help guide you through your own quagmire, so gratitude is appropriate.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Sananda/One Who Serves – The Calm Before The Storm

22 March 2012

Channeler: James McConnell

This is Sananda and I would ask you dear ones, do you feel that, do you feel or sense that sense of calmness throughout your body? Do you feel that sense of something is about to occur, but you’re not quite sure what? That my dear ones is the calm before the storm, for this storm is about to rage all around and all of those that are ready will be a part of calming the storm.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Will You Answer The Call? Sananda as Channeled by James McConnell

Posted: 28 Feb 2012 09:47 PM PST

James McConnell

As you sit idly by going to and fro in your daily activities, many changes are occurring at many levels throughout the planet. We are entering a time of cleansing unlike anything that has ever happened here. Powers that be are being quietly replaced or set for reassignment. In so doing, your world is preparing for sweeping changes that are only moments away. You, each one, have it within your power to be a part of those changes or watch them sail by with nary an inclination to participate.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Weekly LightBlast: Releasing Pain

Jamye Price a message from Jamye Price

Thursday, 9 February, 2012

Pain is an indicator of imbalance. We are in a gauntlet of swift balancing – welcome 2012! This time now is for Ascension and that means rapid evolution into living as a Divine Human with an activated Lightbody. To accommodate these frequencies, the emotional, mental and physical frequency must be compatible with the frequency of Spiritual Masterhood. This is accomplished through many different paths, but all require awareness, practice, patience and diligence.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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