A Timely Message from the Christ Council

Channeled thru ~denisa~


dear ones….precious brothers and sisters of the heart…


i have attached a recording …it is very timely

for the coming of days…


i have been asked to put it on recording so

that you may drink in the frequencies that

are within and behind these words…

it is a very short message yet it is full

of love from that which we call "home"..


remember …home is within you now….


with love…denisa



fee free to share this as you are so guided


Recording: files/Soundfiles/Denisa – A Timely Message from the Christ Council.MP3

~ stepping into your Divine Self ~

a message for the eve of the 11-11-11


i have been given a beautiful message

to share with any of you who know yourself

to be at this moment in time on the road

to self mastery…


this portal of the 11-11-11

is a grand opportunity to step into

your true service …

being the Servant of Love…

it is about a 20 minute message and can be

heard by calling in on the conference line

where i recorded it this evening..

the phone number and information

will be given below…


i found this to be the most powerful message

i have ever received as to what

is really happening to us as we embody

the Christed Light within us NOW….

we are given an explanation as to how we do

this and what to expect…

we are told what it is to give perfect love

and be a conduit for that lovellll

as i was recording the message i heard that

i was being downloaded with divine light

code frequencies that will be transmitted to you

as you simply "take in" the message that is being

shared…..take some time to be in a space of absolute

quiet so that you can really take in what is being shared

along with the divine frequencies that are being transmitted…


it is my honor to share this with all of you…

i would appreciate for those of you that can

and feel the desire to make a donation

at my website at www.thebridgetohome.com


enjoy and remember..

you are dearly dearly loved…





conference call number is


access code 315677#

reference #12


if you would like to receive these messages you can

sign up at my website at www.thebridgetohome.com

feel free to share this with anyone you feel

the desire to extend it to…..blessings..denisa

~ the greatest gift ~


the greatest gift we can give our Self

is gratitude for what IS….

for what "is" in every moment is what has been

gifted us by that very Self…

and it is always     ~ perfect~


the part we play now is to lift the world

and our own reality by

~seeing only love~

when we do that…we can not help but "be"

only love…


they are one and the same….


within the "seeing" is the

truest state of being…!!!!!!!






feel free to share these with others…

there is much to be "experienced"

if you will but put into practice

diligently…with intention…the above

teaching of our beloved Jeshua…..

if you would like to subscribe to receive

these messages please visit my website

at www.thebridgetohome.com

this sundays channeling..birthing christed consciousness


September 16, 2011

URL: http://wp.me/p1wC3Z-5y

hello dear ones…


wanted to remind you of this Sundays Channeling….

Birthing Christed Consciousness…

We will be taken to the deepest level…core level of what blocks

the "knowingness" of the union of our True Self and its union

with Abba…all that is…..

"this journey within the kingdom will remind us that

we never truly left this one heart that birthed us …

it will allow us to remember ~ we are the heart~ that birthed us

and that we are the very power of love on earth"…

as always…Jeshua brings to us the tools to have the "experience" of this

for ourselves….we cannot KNOW what we do not experience for ourselves…

we can "believe" it….but that is not the same as ~experiencing~ that which you

truly are…

the channeling is this Sunday the 18th at 11:11 a.m. pacific time…

if you are interested and have not already signed up you can

go to my website ……this channeling will be a cost of $10.00 and you can

simply go to www.thebridgetohome.com and hit the donation button.

then i will email you the conference call number and the access code..

the conference call is free from anywhere in the world and you

can also use skype…blessings in these magical times..denisa