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The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Layered Realities, the Transmutation of Physicality and our Participation in Lighted Rituals

May 18

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The frequency of your bodies and of your experiences alike is increasing so very rapidly at this point, and this accelerated phase of your ascension process has been planned for quite a long time. You have been preparing for this period you are now currently finding yourselves in, as well as for the period directly ahead for there will be so very much happening that will make your heads spin and that you will need the preparation for that you have been giving yourselves and undergoing whilst in the sleep realms.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group: Christmas 2011

DECEMBER 25, 2011

A Christmas greeting to all.

We come to wish you the joy and love associated with this holiday and also to tell you about the real meaning of Christmas.

Christ, which means Light, is a term for enlightened consciousness and is not the name of one special man. Jesus attained Christ consciousness while on earth, which enabled him to "seed" the heavy material consciousness of that time, with the light of truth. This allowed those ready and seeking truth, to access that which had not been available to them up to that point.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Suzanne Spooner, August 22, 2011…”The stage is re-setting for this grand production”

By Suzanne Spooner

My Dear Ones,

You have been in the final stages of duality lately. The connection you know is inside of you, for the truth of your reality. In the news are reports of interesting developments about your planet and its connection to the universe. More reports of UFO’s and more reports of governments in the world looking for creative solutions to its problems. This is duality, promised as the last act of third dimensional experience.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Know From Where You Are

Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 14 March, 2011  (posted 19 April, 2011)  

The wisdom of the Universe is contained within each of you. All knowledge and knowing, all truths and understandings are held within your consciousness. If you already know everything then what is the purpose of your journey? Why do you have to experience karma, lessons, pain, fear and suffering and the knowledge you gain from them if you already know everything they have to teach you?» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Energy in Motion = Emotion

Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Tuesday, 5 April, 2011  (posted 8 April, 2011)  

We are energetic beings living in an energetic Universe. Everything we do and know is affected, influenced, guided by and created with energy. But there is much more to energy that what we are aware of because unless we seek a different perspective, our experience is limited to what we can know in the third dimension. Energy exists, it has the quality of being and that is its only quality, although we tend to give it much more power than it has.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Planet Earth and Enlightenment

Are there parts of the Earth that hold more light because of the people or spirits that reside there? 

are areas of the Earth that embrace more light and that have agreed to
be gateways for light, while other places have agreed to block the
light and hold shadow.  Be careful to avoid judgments about this. 
There are good reasons to continue to block out divine light.  For
instance, when more light is allowed, it becomes possible for people to
shift to a fifth dimensional perspective.  Once one has shifted into a
higher dimension, many earthly experiences lose their intensity or
become impossible.  You cannot enjoy food, have sex, cry, or leap and
run with the same intensity.  You cannot cut your skin and experience
the amazing, slow process of waiting for the skin to regrow
physically.  There are miracles in the third dimension that are
valuable and can only be experienced when you are fully in the third
dimensional experience.  Limitation brings intensity, for both pain and

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Ashtar on Interesting Developments

Ashtar on interesting developments. By Mark Stearn.

28th September, 2010.



From Ashtar:

Well well here we are again. I will be brief for there is much
transpiring. We wish you to know that our incredible gratitude is with
our earth personnel who are doing much in disclosing our immeasurable
presence around your globe. This is merely the beginning. You will
experience much more in the coming days. It is time to allow and be open
to the flow of all that happens from this point on.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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